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  1. Omega Artifacts (received through EE steps) - Ravenov ID Badge, Agent Delivery System, Essence Trap. Wasn't able to get the last artifact cause I didnt have enough time to push forward.
  2. Hey guys (and girls, and everything outside and inbetween), I'm JoshuaBananas, but feel free to just call me Josh. I've been a fan of CoD zombies since Black Ops 1, and I've been playing ever since. I primarily play for the rich story, fun game play, and good times to be had. I play via Xbox One (and 360), so if you ever wanna play sometime, feel free to add me on Discord (JoshuaBananas#4846). I have the entire Black Ops games (WaW, Bo1, 2, 3, 4, Cold War), plus some other games. Not sure how to really end this so, uh, yeah. Cya?
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