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  1. Ah cool, I hadn't caught that, good to know. I've compared the blinking red light to the map of Berlin, hard to tell if there was anything particular there during the Soviet era from a cursory search but seems to point to somewhere near the area of the velodrome, which used to be Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle (opened in the 1950's in Soviet-era East Berlin and closed in 1993). Couldn't confirm it's exactly there though, but looks nearby at least.
  2. So on the weapons tab when you're in the zombies menu there's a screen: Which is the map of post-WWII divided Berlin: I know the connections between the Soviets, the Nazi experiments etc. in the storyline so far but Firebase Z is based in Vietnam, Die Maschine is based in Poland... So why would we have this particular image on the screen do people think? Been wondering this for a while since i first noticed it.
  3. Just been playing Firebase Z - there's a trials computer there too from the same person! Perhaps there's missing intel which will lead us to the solution.... Will be able to play properly later and see if I can uncover anything (and will be checking the reddit thread to see if anyone posts the intel there).
  4. Maybe it is. I spent some time earlier trying with l33tspeak but haven't got anything of note so far, other than if you take the unique characters of each line of the $!%()[email protected]! text (where it differs from the note on the screen and the note in intel) it gives you ( from one line and ^^) in another. Could be (^^) as an emoji, or if we were looking at it from 133t speak view could be CMD, CNND or CAAD, so long as I have my lines the right way round (otherwise would be MDC, NNDC, AADC, MX, NNX or AAX). Thought I'd give typing cmd, cmd.exe a go in the chat box and as well as not in chat box but predictably nothing happened, and no sign of a command console around the map from what we've seen so far. By the way, can you tell what the first trials computer side screen says? Can't tell if after it says "play" then "the game" it says "or die" or something else, too blurry and can't find a gif.
  5. @PINNAZ Looks plausible too, wonder why they would put it as 13,773 instead of 1337 though? Have started to look through and if it is leet then this could be useful https://www.gamehouse.com/blog/leet-speak-cheat-sheet/ Going to be hard to decode if so, given the reuse of the same numbers and symbols in combination to make one letter. Wonder whether the Victor 'hint' was a red herring then...
  6. Ha, I hope you don't mind my name dropping! Wasn't sure that they were either, just hadn't seen them linked to anything else yet and figured at some stage need to bring together other sources to see if anything might fit in. I will do when I'm doing a run through after work, will be checking for more notes around too although I think all the post-its etc. have been found unfortunately.
  7. @PINNAZ Thank you! That is much easier to work with! I posted about this on Reddit (credited you over here ofc) https://www.reddit.com/r/CODZombies/comments/l1j1q0/has_anyone_figured_out_the_dark_aether_intel/ Wondering if the fact that what you have named above as i_mtl_p9_zm_ndu_machine_computer_screen_07_c is present in the dark aether along with computer_screen_09_c (and they are the only ones present in the Aether, other screens all seem to be off) means anything? I don't recognise that from anywhere, looks almost like a pool or something.
  8. Hey, are you still working on this? Have been trying to figure out all sorts this afternoon although not trained in ciphers so having to learn how to do it all from scratch. The ADFGVX looks likely/promising, but having tried it with a few different keys which seemed plausible I can't think of anything else at the moment - tried using Victor, tried using the missing letters in Is Anybody Out There (if it is a case that they are missing letters, not that it's a scrambled message in itself) - and a few others. Same with the scrambled messages being a Vic cipher, based on the clue seems very likely. After work I'm going to go through the other computers when the power is on as there is writing on there but can't find screenshots anywhere. Perhaps we should be looking into why the underscore after prove yourself?
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