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  1. @anonymous i would definitely say it's worth a shot! rave is pretty fun and has a DE/GK vibe but it's pretty basic. shaolin is my second favorite and has so much replayability due to the fun easter eggs and many wonder weapons. attack is meh but it nails the tropes of a 60s science genre. beast is pretty barebones but it comes with the most amazing, intense, and hardest boss fight in cod history. @NaBrZHunter thanks for the welcome man i love this site!
  2. @anonymous i haven't seen Tenet yet, but I heard amazing things about it. thanks for the suggestion man! if IW ever goes on sale and if you're a fan of bo3-esque gameplay, it's 1000% worth it.
  3. @RichKiller thanks man! @anonymous haha, have you ever watched Dark on Netflix? it's an amazing show that is centered around those concepts. i'll definitely join the discord, thanks for the warm welcome! my favorite map switches around a lot, but i can definitely say Spaceland and DE are up there for gameplay, with Tag for story. @Carnage Evoker thank you! that game is an underrated gem the discord sounds like a great place already
  4. hi everyone! i've been a long time lurker of these forums and have finally decided to make an account after the recent changes to the site. i'm an avid follower of all cod zombies storylines and time/quantum/multiverse components in general. i also love the Easter eggs and gameplay of cod zombies (especially IWZ). there are always very interesting conversations of the games here and i'm super excited to join! my psn is Gravitei if anyone wants to play
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