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  1. Positives

    • Soundtrack is great like always
    • The Wild and Dungeon is easily the best edition and is fucking amazing 
    • The player model being your operator is a great touch
    • The Crab is a great meme
    • The amount of enemies from Chaos, Aether and Dark Aether is really nice
    • Opening baskets and crates
    • Other game references like the Mario machine in The Wild


    • Early areas are way too small and compact
    • Movement speed is way too slow 
    • Zombies can run faster then you (Easily noticed on the Graveyards Challenge Round)
    • Not enough 1st person drops
    • Mamaback attacking you without you shooting her 
    • Weapons are too weak and some of the upgrades are anticlimactic (Where is my Ray Gun wonderwaffe ?


  2. Ive been listening to a lot of fingerstyle guitar work lately. Especially Fleetwood Mac and Dire Straits. I have been listening to a lot of Pantera and Metallica too, Cowboys from hell and Seattle 89 live album. Would certainly recommend for any guitar / metalheads 


    Trying to play Sultans of Swing is challenging but really fun. Not even getting to that chorus hook line and im enjoying it already 

  3. October 13th, 1945 – Samantha Maxis is teleported to the moon, where in panic she runs into the MPD and becomes corrupted by its power.


    This is the beginning of a theory of mine which explains how the Primis timeline exists and the unfortunate fate of not only our heroes but the entirety of existence itself.

    The Origins outro cutscene is somewhat confusing still, 7 years later. The idea that Samantha is playing with model toys of the Ultimus crew has always intrigued me. We see that Eddie and Sam argue about who’s turn it is to take control of their game. This is oddly symbolic as there is a power struggle between Richtofen and Samantha in the events of Black Ops 1. Samantha seems somewhat reluctant to let Eddie play with her toys. This might be a physical representation of what’s going on inside the MPD. Eddie shows concern that Samantha is doing it wrong. What if she is? 


    This cutscene is often overlooked when people view Black Ops 3. This cutscene may give an explanation to everything that happens during the events of the Primis story and the unfortunate reality within Black Ops 4. The event of Black Ops 3 could all just be in Samanthas head and her thoughts combined with the power of the MPD could make this event somewhat of a reality, like it has created some distant world where her mind dictates the actions and events Primis are put into. Like a game.

    This theory may take some stretch of the imagination.


    So, what if BO3 is all just a game. Samantha’s little game she is playing while in the MPD. It’s like a game which is made possible through the MPD. This would explain why our Primis characters have a completely separate background to our Ultimus ones. The interaction the Primis crew have with their worlds Ultimus crew is interesting and somewhat reflective of Samantha’s relationship with Ultimus.


    As we know, Samantha has a deep hatred for Richtofen, she often refers to him as stupid and often shows nothing but pure hatred for the man. When Primis Richtofen kills Ultimus Richtofen, he does so without saying a word. He shoots Richtofen without even flinching. Like this man has some built up hatred inside him for his Ultimus self.

    This is very symbolic of how Samantha views Richtofen. Richtofen is killed at the Giant due to his stupidity and arrogance, exactly how Samantha views him. Not only this but he dies directly after we can assume Samantha entered the MPD, this is almost like revenge and the only time when the 2 timelines of Ultimus and Primis cross. Samantha only knows the history of Richtofen and the events of the Giant will be scarred in her mind. She can recreate that instance and kill Richtofen in exactly the way she would want to. With no remorse and mocking the man while she does it.

    Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies The Giant Trailer | Call of duty black ops  3, Call of duty black, Black ops 3 zombies


    As previously mentioned, Samantha actually knows some sort of history with Richtofen, however she knows nothing of the other 3. This could explain why we see Ultimus in events that we have never seen before, not only that, but we see these characters in crazy out there situations which feel like they are pulled straight out of a fantasy story. This could be Samantha giving the characters a backstory so she can, well, “Kill them all” sound familiar?

    The way our characters are killed is completely different to Richtofen. Our Primis characters show sympathy and pity for Ultimus, like its somehow not their fault that they are in this situation. Maybe Samantha views the rest of Ultimus besides Richtofen in the same way. All throughout the storyline we see Ultimus Richtofen drag the rest of Ultimus around like they are his slaves, and we can only assume Samantha sees this too.

    Dr Monty  

    So, what explains Monty? This guy is literally a god within the story, like some magical higher individual way above anybody else. He is viewed as a “Magic man” sort of. However, its rather odd that he creates gobblegums and is a manufacturer. We see Dr Monty in other parts of Black Ops 3, he has chocolate bars all around the multiplayer maps.



    This confirms that Dr Monty is a real individual. Dr Monty might have been a brand for years, the same way modern brands today have been around for almost a century. Maybe Dr Monty was Samantha’s favourite candy brand. She would have loved the chocolate so much that she would have been wondering who he is. Dr Monty would have always been in her life, but she would have never met the guy in person, for all we know he might not even exist.


    This is why I believe Dr Monty is this all powerful almost hidden person within the story. Samantha might of seen him as “the wonderful, magical Dr Monty”. He would have been a child’s icon. “don’t worry Dr Monty will protect you”. Monty is how Samantha views the real-life person who she thinks is real. In her eyes he is some magical individual who creates all these amazing delights for her to eat.







    One word. Lovecraft. As we already know, the appearance of the Apothicons is definitely Lovecraftian inspired. Throughout Samantha’s life Lovecraft would have been a huge topic. His work would be consumed in the same way modern films and media is consumed today. Lovecraft would have been there, and Samantha would possibly be reading it. Every story needs a villain and the Apothicons would be that villain. What’s not to say Samantha took that inspiration and included it into her own game with Primis and Monty?

    The Summoning Key

    The summoning key is certainly an important tool for our characters to use, it collects souls for the house. But it resembles a striking appearance to the Vril Sphere in moon.

    Despite the engravings being completely different the two devices serve somewhat a similar purpose. It is the Vril Sphere in Moon that allows souls to be filled up in the tubes, Specifically 4 tubes. The summoning key is designed to take in souls. Samantha would know that the Vril Sphere exists and probably used its design to imagine the summoning key. Its more grand and regal appearance may be due to a loss in translation and Samantha imagining the sphere as something more in appearance.



    The Kronorium

    This is where the game theory really takes effect. Video games work off a script. No matter what the player decides to do the end goal of the script has to be met before the game progresses. This is the Kronorium. The Kronorium is that script Primis follows throughout their journey. We know the Kronorium changes often and I believe this is the case because Samantha is just messing about with her story.

    The script theory will be pretty relevant for the rest of this theory.

    Revelations outro and NG +

    In the revelations outro our characters are sent by Monty to relive the game. He specifically shows disappointment and a disliking to the blood vials and this is what encourages Monty to send them back. This is oddly similar to anti cheat software in games. Players that exploit games or use 3rd party sources to impact the game are usually banned and their account gets terminated, from then if the player wants the game to continue, they have to start again. This is exactly what happens In Revelations and its just the game following the rules which Primis broke.

    After the player completes all the Easter Eggs, they have a free RK5 at the start of the match. This is similar to how New Game Plus (NG+) works in video games. The player can play the game with an upgrade to their character, just something to think about.




    RK5 | Call of Duty Wiki | Fandom Zombies Revelations Ending/Intro Cutscene Leaked - DLC 4 MAJOR Spoilers |  Accelerated Ideas





    Blood of the Dead and Richtofens reaction in Classified

    As we know our characters go to Alcatraz to collect the Blood Vials. This is obviously not what the game intends to happen as we don’t visually see this in Black Ops 3. This I believe is the game crashing with a little help of our buddy Ultimus Richtofen. Richtofen enters the MPD in moon and possibly due to no physical link between Samantha and the MPD being broken, Richtofen is put directly into Samantha’s shoes. Richtofen will most likely see what Samantha is doing and will probably try to intervene. This is Blood of the Dead. Richtofen is trying to ruin Samantha’s perfect game most likely out of spite. This is symbolic as now we see Samantha’s “good” Richtofen die.

    Victis are also in blood in the chambers and we here Sam talking in game. While Richtofen is in the MPD he would still have that connection with that crew in the real world. So he has probably projected the characters into the story.

    A game is instructed to crash if the code is broken and the script is messed with or can no longer progress. I feel that this is where everything goes wrong and the events of BO4 take place. We know the power of the MPD is powerful and now the mental link between Samantha and the MPD is gone, the MPD will have nowhere to project Samantha’s story. So in an attempt to keep on projecting that story, the MPD brings Primis into the real world.

    This is resembled with the rifts that Primis use in blood. These rifts are blue and different to the one Richtofen uses in Shadows of Evil. Maybe the rift is the way the MPD transports our characters between dimensions. The rifts the characters use in Blood maybe the MPD’s way of a buggy texture or a broken asset and when the characters go through these rifts it brings them into the real world.


    Ultimus Richtofens reaction to seeing his Primis self is “Scheisse”. This might not be because he is seeing his younger self. This might be because he realises, he has fucked up and brought these characters into the real world. And in turn, he knows what he has done.


    Black Ops 4 and Tags Ending.

    Now obviously Nikolai came through the rift with the Kronorium, which still has the script the game has, and the game is now scripted to crash. This leads us to Tag. Where Victis ran through the rifts in Alcatraz to come into the real world. This version of Victis are basically duplicates of the Black Ops 2 Victis. This would explain how they get from being what they thought was dead to Tag. Richtofen preserved them in the game, which has now leaked into the real world. 

    Maxis was able to make a way for Samantha to leave the game as the MPD basically made a failsafe just in case that happened. It would only be logical that the game was made to protect Samantha at all costs. So, Samantha knows what is happening but goes along with it as it is part of her story which she is living. Nikolai and the Primis crew are still following the Kronorium which is now instructed to shut down the game. Things from the game have bled through into the real world due to the crash. In this process the Apothicon code might have been corrupted and that’s why they are in pain in Tag. And now because of the MPD the games assets are mixed with the real world.

    So, I believe that instead of closing the Aether and the multiverse. Nikolai has unintentionally destroyed the entirety of reality itself. As he wouldn’t know any better. From their perspective they have jumped through so many worlds, in game, that he would just think he is on his next/ final step of the adventure.

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