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  1. I know right? The science behind it is what got me into zombies in the beginning. And thanks for all that info! If I have any questions I’ll be sure to ask you guys. And it takes a lot more than that to scare me. A solo game on Verruckt perhaps
  2. Thanks, I already do!
  3. Well to be honest, I never knew how hardcore the theories and fans on this website were, but then I read some of the Aether theories, the Broken Arrow MPD reconstruction theories, and the storybook. So I’m sorry I underestimated you guys. I’m definitely more of a story-person, but I still really enjoy gameplay. Anyways, thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  4. I can’t decide between Call of the Dead, Origins and Classified. As for Black Ops 4, I’m only into the aether story, and I’ve basically been living breathing Classified for the past few months. What about your favorite map(s)? (btw, I’m loving your storybook. The detail is astounding)
  5. Hey everyone, I'm Ahmad. This is going to sound weird, but I've never really been a member of this site, even though I'm a dedicated zombies fan who's been playing since the early Black Ops 1 days (I really hope to be able to make up for lost time though). Nice meeting you!

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