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  1. Will anyone be streaming the Xbox Tournament? I’m free all day Sunday and I’m interested to watch it.
  2. Nah it’s good, man. I just worried about losing cause of my loss on Farm, and because I was armed with an SMR, then a DSR. But it was all good. I hope there’s another Grief Tournament at some point. I’d love to do it again.
  3. FINAL UPDATE: TenslasterGames has won the PS3 Tournament.
  4. UPDATE - McMike199399 had won the second game. We now move to the tie breaker.
  5. UPDATE - TenslasterGames has won the first game. Now moving to the 2nd game ln Farm.
  6. Youtube Link - https://youtu.be/ukf0YR_GXeE Twitch - TenslasterStreams
  7. McMike and I have both agreed to do the PS3 Tournament an hour early, it may have been from time constraints, not sure. But we’re still not sure what we’re doing in regards to matches.
  8. Any new PSN players?
  9. @anonymous @McMike199399 Would it be possible to move the the PS3 Tournament to 3 PM EST?
  10. I’d say multiple. Maybe we can have 3 or 4 matches on Town, then the same on Farm. Since Mike has no DLC. Unless he buys the DLC before tomorrow.
  11. Public Matches would be pretty difficult, almost relying on RNG to be on opposite teams. We could do 3 rounds on Town, since I’m pretty sure he has no DLC. And we can see who wins 2 out of 3. If we wanted to expand it we can do that again with Farm.
  12. I’ll be sure to check Since there are 2 of us, will there only be 1 match of a 1v1?
  13. Lol, alright, then the stream is back on.
  14. Fine with me, however I won’t be able to stream this, I will be able to record it however.
  15. Is the Reddit post going up tomorrow? If so, I can help put it on there, so people know a but earlier, and potential new recruits.

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