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    Rank Every Zombies Map From Best To Worst

    Maps I have played: green run, kino, five, nacht, origins, all AW maps, zombies in spaceland, MOTD, der eisendrache, dead ops 2, buried, die rise, nuketown, shadows of evil btw, in this list I will be including exo zombies and infinite warfare zombies 1:Origins Origins is my favorite map because it has a ton of things to do, and it really fun if you are just getting to know the story of cod zombies . I love that is is just the right size to not be as big as tranzit, but not as small as something like town. It also has a really fun and challenging easter egg. it is also the first call of duty zombies easter egg i have ever completed. 2:Der eisendrache Another fun zombies map that isnt too big, has a story, and has an easter egg. i like trying to get the bows and trying to do the easter egg, but it isnt too easy that you cant have fun with it 3: Kino I played this and nacht when I was little and it was just cool to find new parts to the map and it was the first zombies map ive ever played 4:Green run Town is my favorite out of all of them, a small map with 6 perk machines and only 3 doors, Pap, but the only problen is the lava, it shouldnt have been a part of the game, thats only one part that made tranzit so bad 5:Nacht Small map but it was a little sketchy because after the campaign you got shoved into a completly new gamemode that hasnt been in any other cod game 6:Five I havent played it in a while so i dont remember it well but i remember being happy to see JFK, idk why, but I loved that map and I want to play it again 7:Dead ops 2 I like it because it is a different perspective and it just changes things up a bit 8: Buried I have played this map alot and I like that you need to find different ways to get around the map, like using the giant guy, the reason it is further down the list is because I didnt like the witches and how big the map is, all the buildables got kind of confusing too 9:shadows of evil I didnt like this one because it had way to much going on with the beast, margua(I think thats how you spell it) and the rituals, it got too jumbled up and I didnt understand 10:Zombies in sspaceland Infinite warfare sucks 11:Nuketown zombies It sucked having to wait for jug and pap, and when training, you would hit the rocks and debris cutting out into your path, also way to many doors 12:AW maps The only good one was outbreak and the other ones sucked with oz turning into a zombie the boss fights and sentinel coming in 13:Mob of The Dead It was way too big and complex, you had to go from one side of the map to the other to get simple things, and the box locations were too far apart 14: Die rise The same reason everyone hates it btw sorry for my spelling

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