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  1. Albert. Weasel. Arlington. Mob of the Dead is a fan favorite map (though honestly, I believe the Afterlife function made it too easy). It has an amazing story, and a very interesting ending. So, four inmates (Sal DeLuca, Michael Finn O'Leary, Billy Handsome, and Albert "The Weasel" Arlington) Concoct a hairbrained scheme to escape from the formidable Alcatraz. Albert, who is somewhat of an idiot savant, designed a makeshift plane from parts that could be found and hidden in the prison itself. Everything goes smoothly, until the very moment comes where they actually have to build the plane. Despite everything being planned perfectly, and all the parts being hidden exactly where they needed it to be, they begin to fight. (IDIOTS). Sal DeLuca, Michael Finn O'Leary, and Billy Handsome decide that all this arguing is Albert's fault, and they attack him and leave him for dead on top of the prison. Days later, the remaining three inmates are sentenced to death by electric chair. Then they wake up. On the day of their planned escape... and everything goes as before... until Stanley Ferguson, who Albert was supposed to kill, rises from his puddle of blood, looks at them, and lets out a hellish moan from the very core of his now empty soul. Zombies crowd around them and kill them one by one... then they wake up again. And again. And again, until eventually the prison is a mess from all the fighting the inmates did trying to find their way out. They eventually get good enough at killing the zombies to begin focusing on building their plane... which upon completion, they fly off the roof of the prison. Only to crash due to a storm, and land on the Golden Gate Bridge. Eventually, they all sit down on the electric chairs (which are conveniently placed on the bridge) and get zapped, and wake up again... in the prison. They repeat this over and over again, and as time passes, they find radios. Now... these radios aren't from the reality they currently reside in... they're from the reality they come from, and it details exactly what happened before they were trapped in this vicious cycle. Now... Sal, Michael, and Billy feel cheated (even though they were the ones that cheated themselves out of their escape, then cheated Albert out of his life), and decide to try to kill him again. This is where the story branches off. Either they kill Albert, and the cycle continues, or Albert kills them, and he escapes on the Icarus. Alone. Now... thanks to the fractured universe, we have evidence that all four of them escaped on the plane together, but that's not what I'm going to focus on. It doesn't really matter, as it's from a reality that destroys itself. Instead... I'm going to focus on the fact that Icarus is on a roof in Der Riese (The Giant version). This is before the fracture was made, so it involves the original timelines, including Dimension 63, which is where Mob of the Dead takes place, along with Origins and Shadows of Evil. Anyway, the point of this whole post... And the reason I have to believe this... Is really simple... and I can prove it with in-game song lyrics... Coming Home (Excerpt): I NEED YOU! TO SACRIFICE THE VERMIN MARTYR TO! BRING ME BACK TO WHERE I SAW YOU DIE! I WILL MAKE YOUR LAST WORDS COME TRUE! NOW I KNOW WHAT I MUST DO! Vermin Martyr. Only mentioned one time, ANYWHERE in the game. In this song. Written when Black Ops II was supposedly not even thought of. Combine that with these lyrics. We All Fall Down (Excerpt): Long lives the Phantom, I hear him sing and scream out his anthem. (indistinct screaming) I feel the shadows Crying Running Coming For me Too dark to see! Another shady figure... only mentioned once in the entire game... The Phantom. Now... you could say that the Phantom is the Shadowman... but it's not him. I won't tell you why I know this... because I promised someone I would stop blabbing... But I will give you a reason to believe both the Vermin Martyr and the Phantom are in fact... Albert Weasel Arlington, and I'll say this.. the Shadowman, and the sacrifice in Shadows of Evil (When you do the second ritual, the Shadowman says "your sacrifice has been chosen") are both... MISDERECTION. There's something else going on, and it involves Albert. First, you have Albert killed by his "allies" because they can't stop arguing. This is why he's the Vermin Martyr. He is a Martyr (a sacrifice) to stop the arguing, and they chose him because they think he is a Weasel (i.e. a rodent, and a VERMIN). Second, After Albert escapes, you being to see evidence of his tampering, such as Icarus on the roof, since you see evidence of him, but not him, he is a PHANTOM. I propose to you, that of all the characters we've seen, Albert "The Weasel" Arlington has become the most powerful... and that only time can tell us what his tempering will do to all of the timelines... Pay close attention to the next game, and I'm sure you'll see him.
  2. Personally, I love the story as it is. There is a sort of... mad sense to it. Just dig deeper.
  3. And you don't think they already mucked it up? Didn't Monty, himself, say that Richtofen "mucked it up" in those exact words? The entire plot is fractured so badly that the only way they can salvage it is by scrapping the current timeline and beginning with a new one. AGAIN. And didn't Tank talk about how it was an alternate universe, himself, in Verruckt from Zombies Chronicles? You're thinking, "Oh! Treyarch is too good at what they do for this to be the reality!" When the reality is staring you in the face.
  4. That's not true at all. They come from vastly different timelines. As just one example of this, Doctor Edward Richtofen, in the original timeline, was a member of the illuminati, and beyond that, was not in France during WWI, he was in college, learning with someone who would become a close friend of his, Faustus Schuster. In the Origins timeline, Edward Richtofen didn't meet Faustus Schuster, and was involved with Doctor Maxis and Group 935 decades sooner.
  5. First off, let me point something out. Edward Richtofen is the in-game voice of Treyarch. He's the one that knows all the secrets. He's the one that hides things from us. He's the one that plays mind games. That being said, there's one thing that I'm going to say that's going to blow your minds, and my evidence is something in-game. TREYARCH LIES. The Timeline... though keeping an accurate recording of events lies in ONE respect. Every single cutscene takes place in the same universe. Maybe not in the same dimension of that universe, but still the same universe. I'll explain that later. First, my proof that Treyarch lies. Edward is the voice of Treyarch, and his password, and his excuse for leaving the Illuminati were essentially the same. "Teddy is/was a liar". Now, I'm going to explain to you THREE rules. They have guided my understanding of the Zombies' universe and have opened my eyes to the meaning of the whole game. 1. Every time there is an upgrade in graphics, we have entered a different universe. 2. All cutscenes and radios were recorded from the Origin universe (listen, I said ORIGIN universe, not ORIGINS universe. The origins timeline is dimension-63, whereas the Origin universe is simply the reality from which all other spawn.) 3. No player has ever played in the origin universe, which is to say, none of us have played as the actual characters, only alternate versions of them. (I'll give proof later). Now, to delve into the theory: Main theme of the entire game - Repetition is a literary device to mark the importance of a theme. One theme has been ignored and undervalued for the entire time that we've enjoyed this game. We look at it and say, "Oh, it's just because Treyarch is too lazy to update the zombies". This is not true. The zombies have always said "Sam". Even when Edward was god of the AEther. Even when the Ancient Evil was God of the AEther. No matter what, the zombies always say "Sam!" (as well as "No" and "Niet" and other such words, but "Sam!" is far more common.) Why? Is it because they have an affinity for Samantha? Is it because they're looking for Samuel Stuhlingher? NO. It's so simple, it's not even funny, but you have to understand what both Samuel and Samantha mean in their original languages. Samantha means "Good Listener" in Aramaic. Samuel means "God has listened" in ancient Hebrew. The commonality between both names and both meanings is "Sam" which logically must mean "Listen". The main theme of the game, and the one that's been staring us in the face for almost ten years is... LISTEN! SUPER EASTER EGG FROM BOIII - Jason Blundell, before releasing Black Ops II, confirmed that there was an easter egg in Black Ops III that "No one will ever solve". He is technically correct, but also false, since I'm unraveling it's secrets right now. Have you ever watched Kung Fu Panda? Do you remember when he read the dragon scroll, and there was nothing on it but a reflective golden surface? He had to think about it, but in the end, he realized that the secret was that there "was no secret ingredient". There is no Easter Egg, outside of the story, which no one will fully understand until the community reads my message and begins to decipher the story in a way I can never do alone. This is going to be quite a long post, but in the end, it is only a fraction of the things there are to find. I'm just nudging you in the right direction. As for evidence for why there's not a super EE that gives us new information in the game, I will present what we already know and what I've gathered, then explain what it means. There are files in the code of Black Ops III for the voices of Doctor Monty and the Shadowman as being Gods of the Aether, doing the drops, etc. etc. etc. Also, there is a file marked "Genesis" that is essentially a version of the Shadows of Evil intro cutscene without sound. Beyond that, if you do the EE for Shadows of Evil, you see certain parts of the map go into an endless cycle. Now you may be asking, "But wait, isn't this all evidence that there's a way to break the cycle, and figure out more things to do on the map, so we can find a Super EE?" Yes, that is what it seems like, but NO that isn't what it is. Imagine what would happen if you took the voices of the shadowman and Dr. Monty, and edited them together, while playing with the filters... what is one possibility you could get? Perhaps... a.. demonic growl? Hmmm... maybe... just maybe... that's just what they did, and the voice we hear when we pick up drops like the Nuke or the Fire Sale... is just a mashed together and edited version of the Shadowman and Doctor Monty? Made so masterfully well... that it sounds almost EXACTLY like what the demonic announcer sounded like from the very beginning? Hmmm... or maybe they just played both of them over and over again a thousand or so times at varying frequencies? I'm not saying that's what happened, but I am saying it's a possibility, and the biggest possibility in my mind. As for the file marked "Genesis"... why did they do that? Well... think about the story, and I mean REALLY think about it. First we have Shadows of Evil... then we have The Giant... and we can tell that since Richtofen gained the Summoning Key directly after the defeat of C'Thulhu and the Shadowman, meaning that Origins is at least directly after Shadows of Evil. Considering the fact that we now have an outro scene for Revelations called "Genesis" which is basically the Intro for Shadows of Evil... This is what you're meant to understand: Shadows of Evil takes place directly before Origins, and directly after Revelations. Now we have another paradox... another... Cycle. There's only one way to break it. You're not gonna like it. You may even hate Treyarch for saying this to you... for even suggesting it... Stop. Playing. The. Game. That's what breaks the cycle. By the way, and if you know what I'm talking about, YES me and my friends are FUCKING TROLLS. I lost the game. As for proof as to why we've never played as the actual versions of the characters... It's real subtle... In the lab in The Giant, where Teleporter A is... in the cutscene.. where Richtofen kills himself... there's a control panel. It's not there when you play the map. That's not all... the end of the video is in the Lab... but you start out in the mainframe.. which should be impossible. Now... here's a drop from the God of the Aether, targeted at your little minds... Ka-BOOM!!!!! You fucking zombies.

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