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  1. So after making my Wonder Weapon Tier List I thought of making a Tier List for Gumballs. To make it fair, all rarites of Gobblegum will have their own Tier List (Classic, Mega, Rare Mega, Ultra-Rare Mega.) Starting off with the Classics. Top Tier: Alchemical Antithesis, In Plain Sight. High Tier: Arsenal Accelerator, Lucky Crit, Anywhere but Here. Mid Tier: Stock Option, Armamental Accomplishment, Sword Flay, Danger Closest. Low Tier: Always Done Swiftly, Arms Grace. Trash Tier: Coagulant, Impatient, Firing on all Cylinders, Now you see Me, Whimsicals. What do you think about this list? What would change in it? Let me know in the replies below. Tier Lists for Megas coming up on a single post if I can.
  2. Valky

    Wonder Weapon Tier List

    The Shrink Ray was placed this high because of it's huge amount of ammo, being able to spawn power-ups and being able to kill a full train in one shot like Wave and Thunder but has way more ammo than these two and Wave cannot spawn power-ups. The Acid Gat is High Tier because you can save yourself in pretty much any situation but it lacks killpower. I did not know that ZNS had a spot like that but with this ability, i'd place it high tier because it lacks ammo compared. (14 Fully charged shots) The Servant also lacks ammo but I think the Black Hole lasts longer than the KT-4 Acid.
  3. So I'm new to this forum and I decided to make a fun little project that consists of ranking the Wonder Weapons in all of Treyarch Zombies on Round 60 atleast. Here we go. (Remember that this is my opinion.) Top Tier: Apothicon Servant, Ice Staff, Storm Bow, Sliquifer, 31-79 JGb215. High Tier: Thundergun, Zap/Wave Gun, Acid Gat, Wind Staff, Wolf Bow, Paralyzer. Mid Tier: Wunderwaffe DG-2, Void Bow, Fire Bow, M2 Flamethrower, KT-4. Low Tier: GKZ-45 Mk3, Ray Gun Mark II, Lightning Staff, Fire Staff, Blundergatt, VR-11 (Co-Op). Trash Tier: Ray Gun, Winter's Howl, V-R11 (Solo), Scavenger, Jet Gun, Wrath of The Ancients. What do you think about the list? How would you change it? (Edit) KT-4 changed from Trash Tier to Mid Tier.

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