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  1. I hope not! I think there's a 50/50 chance that they either escape or replace the 4 celeb characters in the films.
  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having fun today! <3
  3. I'm pretty new to the board and all, mind you, but I'm a bit OCD when it comes to topics not related to the proper subforum. Call it my Virgoness, since I was born in early September or whatnot, but I'm seeing a lot of BO3 ideas when it should be just for Infinite Warfare zombies. Like gobble gums should be candy perks or discuss the random Fate and Fortune Cards! Or what the latest Willard Wyler film and era would be in the next DLC drop. Either a mod or admin can just shift the BO3 threads to their respective area and keep the force in check is all I'm saying. It'll get confusing to new members really fast if they don't understand a certain thread in the wrong forum or reply to it the wrong way when they read it. Not trying to be rude as the new kid in town, just throwing my two cents out there.
  4. -raises hand- I would love one since the DLC won't drop for me until August with my Xbox. Gives me a heads up on how the map is, how to get those calling cards and achievements and later on down the line, the code to be Elvira! <3
  5. Lol! I love my little cheeky cat! I'm a casual zombie player for now. Although zombie lore is very intriguing to me. I have to do my research now...
  6. Hello all! Just another fellow zombie slaya here trying to make a name for herself! lol Honestly, I'm just here to have fun and drop my thoughts on zombies, particularly of the IW variety whenever I'm not making the grade with Full Sail in the process of getting my Bachelors of Science in Game Design. My goal is to try to either work with Gearbox Software or Infinity Ward after I graduate. And as for my username/Xbox GT, yes I'm a huge Doctor Who fan! Ten is my fav Doctor and Clara is my fav companion.
  7. So it seems that Zombies is gonna ride the Contract train in the form of "Bounties" when the next DLC hits. I've seen the upcoming pic and it looks interesting, hopefully so reward wise down the road. Is anyone else hype for this and who do you think will be the next celeb char might be?
  8. Gobblegums sound great and all, but I like where Infinity Ward is going with the candy perks they have along with the Fate & Fortune cards. Just my two cents....

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