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  1. Atlantis is set during one of the periods were the mob crew teleport through dimensions while riding the plane to the golden gate bridge. You teleport to the inside of a massive dome that surronds the underwater city, the plane crashes into the side of the dome and cracks begin to appear. The mob crew fall into the city and wake up to see that the outside part of the city is beginning to fill up with water. You must get inside grab a helmet to survive outside under the water, the goal of the mao is to escape atlantis i have a few more ideas for wonder weapons and such but i would love to hear some feedback and new ideas for the map as well if others like the idea of the map. If enough people seem to like this i may start to create it as a custom map.
  2. It was revealed that all the maps will have gobbegum machines but we also know that now a majority of orginal weapons have been changed. That said tehre are some og weapons there and many people myself included have begun theorising that maybe there will be new easter eggs as well as the orginal ones.

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