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  1. thanks for that. But why is it in tranzit? and why was I able to pick it up once the whole life of me playing the game and not being able to find it ever again haha
  2. The beams on the laundromat are a glitch for sure. What you should notice however is that the lights from the spire hit the bus when crossing the street light in town.
  3. If he was russmann the war machine is his fav weapon
  4. From maxis side we havent done the scalene obtuse traingles circumscribed within the circle for the turbines. Everyone just put their turbines down on any lampost but that only gives you the achievement. I believe there is a specific order to the turbine placement after killing the avogodro under the pylon. For Richtofens side I have not been able to figure out what else there is after the EMP to the 4 lamp posts. Maybe EMP all the lampost in the game IDK. I am still trying to figure out where I found that part at. I have not been able to find its spawn location since. I have been hunting but I believe I only found the part in a game where the EE was complteted so maybe it only spawns in after some steps are taken.
  5. The Teddy Bear on the Box is only till like round 15 or something. Its supposedly to get better weapons out of the box.
  6. And that piece I want to say I found somewhere in the fog, After the Corn Field but before Bus Depot
  7. Lets just say its a hunch. "Some things needs to go down, before others go up. "
  8. No I was hoping someone would help me find it. In all the thousands of games ive played on transit I have only picked this up once. I also thing Russman has to die in order to finish the final steps
  9. If you have xbox add me pyrotech x2 and abduln21. Ive picked up that part before but now im unable to find it again. Ive been looking for such a long time. I want to say the ladder goes on the train or somewhere near town but not 100% on either. I have tried many locations but the fog is wack
  10. Now that Tranzit has become backwards compatable on the xbox one, I have started to play some tranzit again. This map has to be the vain of my existence. Ive read everything I possibly can about the EE theories. I know how to do both sides of the easter egg but that is not why I am Here. Some points I would like to make. I believe the ladder for the bus has an alternate location similar to that for the hatch on dinner. The orbs that come down are due to the lamp posts but for maxis we did not complete the scalene and the circumscribed triangles. Orbs come out of the box as well for specific weapons for specific players. This has to be significant. There is still a part we have not been able to find the spawn location for, so the hunt is on once again. I have personally picked up this item in game but never found where to place it. I have linked the image below. Please know that this is not the part for the jet gun! Any other ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated

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