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  1. overpoweredgamers

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    i just wasent sure because it says were on the 3rd challange was jus wondering if i play catch up if i can join
  2. overpoweredgamers

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    8( is there any room for late starters
  3. hAY gUYS JUST FORT AD POST A VIDEO HELPING WITH THE EASTER EGG SONGS ON SHADOWS OF EVIL !!!! I dident realise how meny people dident know about it anyways check it out let me know what u think 8)
  4. overpoweredgamers


    ooo man rage quiters anger me so bad or people who dont want to loose there gumballs !!!!
  5. Hay guy Over Powered Gamere's hear with another Dr glitch production covering all wonder weapons if u guys are still having problems after watching this video drop us a message and il add u on my microsoft accout or try direst u the best i can.

    If u find this video useful pease leave a like comment and subsucribe or follow me on hear beacuse im always down for a zombie related convosation. 

    I hope u enjoy the video and al catch u on the next one 8) 


    Glitch Signing out 

    Peacee !!!



  6. Published on Jan 14, 2017(2 days ago) Infinite Warfare Zombies All Seti-Com Part/Defence Locations. Over Powered Gamers Bring u another Dr Glitch Production covering ALL nine part locations for the Seti-Com Device and all seven locations for the Seti-Com Defences. Hear is a brief explanation describing the locations for all nine Seti-Com parts: No 1. The calculator: The calculator can spawn on a bench in the main intersection directly in front of the pack a punch portal, It can spawn on top of a bench across from the trap in the Kepler system and on the top of a ben in the top section of the astrocade. No2.The Boom Box. U can find the boom box u will find the boom box on the left side of the bridge just after u leave the spawn room, down stairs in the in the section by the welfare facility's and it can also spawn on top of the bar near the rear exit of the kepler system heading towards the fountains. No 3. The Umbrella: The umbrella can spawn to the right of the bridge heading up to polar peaks on a bench, up in the polar peaks gift shop sat on top of the counter and near the trap around the other side of the bumper cars on the floor befor u go down the stairs. Music By Bearded Skull Kd (Unit 7) BeatBrothers Hear are a fuw links to help u find them please go check em out because all three of the are amazing producers . Bearded Skull: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC5-O... https://youtu.be/-JBzfJFqqHg Beat brothers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kyub3...
  7. overpoweredgamers

    Anyone up for space land zombies? If so add me - Delavoye_117

    need to be about to do all the easter egg steps ???
  8. overpoweredgamers

    Anyone up for space land zombies? If so add me - Delavoye_117

    Alright bud just trying to get a good team together was just wondering if ur interested
  9. overpoweredgamers

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

    is the challenge still active
  10. overpoweredgamers

    The Ancient Trials 2017 Tournament

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