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  1. Hello all, I am SS JARHEAD SS i am new to the zombie family and ive was messing around with the guns that have the gambler perk which in zombies every 75 kills gives you one random perk all the way up to 5 but i wanted to test the limits of the up and atoms perk we all know we get 3 downs on solo and thats it cant buy no more up and atoms perk so i wanted to test after going down 3 times and cant buy no more up and atoms would my gun give me another up and atoms perk even if i cant get anymore and which this case did which i thought was awesome IMO but anyway next test now that i have the perk will it count as if it was my first time getting the perk and it did went down cooking a nade and was able to right back so then i wanted to test could i keep going and get the random perk again and put it back in and see if i could refill it to where i could buy it 3 more times as if i just started a new game which i started it and got the perk again and put the perk back and wanted to see if it let me rebuy it and it did so i put the perk back and grided until i got the up and atoms perk 2 more times n put them back and got the perk again after all that now lets see how many times i can rebuy it after putting the perk 3 times so went down and came back it let me buy the perk again and went down again but this time when i came back it wouldnt let me buy it so to sum it all up u can get 2 extra downs with the guns that have the gambler perk on them which you can get 2 of them by playing MP n getting the 2 mission teams to lvl 40 one gun is the karma and the other is the kindell the karma is a wall buy by the bumper cars and the only other one thats a wall buy is the NV4 but can only get it by creates and luck lol and the other guns are on the wheele but i dont know if this is useful info just thought i would share what i found with everyone thanks for reading

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