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  1. I'm assuming no Civil P. But what about the Apothicon Servant? Logic would tell me no.. But I seem to remember it being allowed in a previous challenge.
  2. I good challenge would be no ADS/Only hipfire. Just like the melee stipulation, it's very hard to control what your muscle memory does by default. I could see controllers being thrown in the air in frustration LOL
  3. I'm gonna be honest.. I had to restart this challenge so many times that I don't want to play zombies for the rest of the week LOL I can't NOT knife zombies.. It's like.. I don't even know that I'm doing it when I'm doing it. First attempt, I realized 10 minutes in that I had been using grenades. Second attempt I knifed on round one. Finally I got some traction on my third attempt, but it ended up not being a very good game. I submitted the third attempt in acknowledgement of my failure this week! :-P
  4. The shield/Shield blast allowed? I didn't realize that quick revive was allowed during the last challenge. Went down on round 14 completely set up (no perks). Came back and looked at the rules and felt dumb :-/
  5. The Challenge of JERICHO - Sign me up, maaaaaaan!!
  6. Hmm.. I must be using the wrong link or something. Okay though. This is good. Very good.
  7. I submitted an entry into this months challenges, but my name does not appear in either scoring page. Is this because of my (previously stated) limited access to maps/games, or did I mess something else up along the way? If you guys are interested, I do weekly zombie challenges on my YT channel every Mon-Wed. - ruskinhood.
  8. Wish you would/could do a Bo3 Zombies month, bo2 zombies month, etc.. that way I could enter into the bo3 month of challenges. I only have a ps4 to game on and for some (no doubt) ridiculous reason, cod games older than ghost aren't playable on ps4 (even through the use of the ps now app) :-(
  9. Finding pc that can play, record and stream games at max graphics settings is an investment of thousands of dollars. I can't justify spending thousands of dollars to buy games I already own - or - that have been out for a decade and I still haven't purchased. I would LOVE to play custom zombies. Be it WaW or BO3. Again though, spending thousands for a single game? CoD has never been my favorite game by any means anyway, so... Logic would never let me make such irrational decisions.
  10. Would love to participate again - But between constant rule changes and jumping from not only map to map, not only game to game.. console to console... there is no reasonable way for me to have the ability to capture video for these challenges :-/
  11. I just figured it meant that we aren't allowed to zip any of the electric generators on the map. Which would leave all perks turned off and would leave gate into the ruby rabbit, nero's room and the burlesque permanently closed. If that's the case, we would never be able to do those rituals and so no pack-a-punch would be available. BUT - if the only gobblegum banned is perkaholic, there are others which would still allow you to have all the perks on the map PLUS 2 double paped guns. 3 double paped guns if you wanted, I suppose.
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