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    I will give it my all mate. I just get extremely unlucky a bit like my revelations 1st attempt
  2. Curtoise_95


    Brilliant mate! These maps are hard to find why people dislike them tbh
  3. Curtoise_95


    It's good to be here :)
  4. Curtoise_95


    Cheers! I love the newest map on Black Ops 3, 10 in 1. If it wasn't for that map then it will have to be Die Rise as I am ace at that map. I have played zombies since world at war came out and played every map apart from Spaceland
  5. Curtoise_95


    Hello. I am Curtis. I am a fairly new youtuber but I am passionate for Zombies. I am a decent zombie player when I start to get in my rhythm but do not get much like. Please if anyone is interested then here is my youtube link https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCMrcrWoqvy-4_o9dkcDGkxw I also play on Fifa with pro clubs, career, the journey and ultimate team and F1 with league racing a decent careerie. Also any other games that I enjoy playing. Please subscribe to me, to stay up to date.

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