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  1. I think it's perfectly resoanable to assume that every teleporter (at least those that share the same model with the ones in Der Riese) has the capacity to time travel; when the crew arrives at Kino, Richtofen realizes that they managed to teleport through time only because the DG-2 ended up overloading the teleporter. I mean, sure, they could still time travel if they found another way to overload it but... I don't think they carry around anything that could actually do it (keeping in mind that it seemingly has to be something overloads it using electricity). Also, the DG-2 doesn't really need to be mentioned for us to be sure that Richtofen still has it - we see it at the end of the CotD easter egg, that enough proof. (Oh, and you hit the nail on the head saying that we only don't use it because of gameplay porpuses. Though I think that's counterproductive to the point you're trying to make.) But I'm happy that you at least considered my second theory, even if just partially.
  2. Thanks Anonymous :) Well, I haven't been active in anything Zombies-related besides some YouTube comments, but I have been visiting Reddit regularly for the past few months and this very site since 2013. I even tried to make an account before this one (must have been about 2 years ago) - it didn't work, I don't remember why. Thinking back on it, though, it was probably a good thing - I was a bit shy back ithen and didn't take criticism very well. But now I'm finishing high school and seem to be an entirely new person (which I'm gonna guess is common when you're my age, really). I'm going to try and post as much as possible, but I'm still a bit of an introvert and not one to openly express my opinion, so I guess I'm only going to post when I think I can be of some help in the situation.
  3. Greetings my fellow Zombies fans and theorists, newcomer approaching! So, I made this account because I was reading the discussions about Brock and Gary in the 40s and Shangri-La's date, and thought that there are some things being overlooked. I also thought it would be fun to finally contribute to the work being done here, so now I'm writing this text. Onto my thoughts... Firstly, I am positive that Shangri-La as we play it is set in the same year as Moon. Consider the following: The crew can only time travel by combining their means of teleportation with the Wunderwaffe DG-2; the crew teleported to Shangri-La at the end of the Call Of The Dead Easter Egg; as they're teleporting, Richtofen leaves behind the DG-2 as a gift to the CotD crew. This means that they cannot travel through time anymore from Shangri-La onwards, as they don't have the DG-2 anymore; if they can't time travel, Shangri-La and Moon need to have their dates very close to each other. Secondly, Brock and Gary being dead in the 40s in the new timeline, even though they were alive by the 2000s in the old one. While Mystery Machine theorizes that they were born earlier in this timeline, I think that they finally managed to catch a break and survived the events of Time Travel Will Tell (Shangri-La's EE) instead. Assuming they still activated the temple's time travel system (and also remembering that it was in the past that they originally died), they'd still be stuck in the past if they survived. Now that they're alive, they can show the world that they found the location of Agartha, become famous and... Well, die in a plane crash weeks later, sadly. If we also assume that the 'past' they travel to is the 40s (which everyone around here seems to agree that it is), everything fits with the cypher in Zetsubou No Shima. So, what do you guys think? Makes enough sense, doesn't it?

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