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  1. but they wouldn't have had to put a craft bench in the game, they could use the door that is tilted
  2. 5. buried. although this may sound like a load of rubbish to you, because many disliked this map, buried was a very good map. they added lots of new things, like the head chopper, ext. some people may say that this map made us, as a player op. but who can complain? at least they made an effort in this map... the giant was just a re-skin... they could have added a shield and more perks in this map, but nooo. 4. shadows of evil. many also hated shadows of evil. i think that the main reason for this is because it was a difficult map for newbies. but i loved this map, and i'm good at it. they took a big jump with this map since bo2. and i think that it should have been a dlc, because it's better than zets and many maps in bo2. 3. der eisendrache. der eisendrache was one of those maps that brought back a lot of similarities from previous maps in the past. i loved how they went with a MOTD style. it is based off of a real place, like MOTD... and they brought back many things that were similar to MOTD. they could have improved this by adding new perks and making the panzers less OP. 2. Mob Of The Dead. MOTD is one of my all time favourite maps. it was a map that left you wanting to play more after 2 years of being out. it was a map that you always thought of playing. MOTD brought the creepy vibe to the game, and it also lifted bo2 after Tranzit, die rise and nuketown. the easter egg was simple, and high rounds wee easy.. trollarch also played around with us with PHD. 1. you guessed it: origins. origins was a great map, because you always had something to do. even after a year or two of the map being released people were still making videos on it(crash power). the staves were so good, and everytime I built and upgraded them i wanted to do the easter egg. i loved the ending cut scene.... it's a 3 year old map, and still better than Revelations
  3. awe ok thanks... I don't exactly know what the method was. i just typed in "o yo", and it said "by". i said Caesar, because it looked very similar to this method. you seem like you really understand this sort of stuff... maybe we could help eachother on this.
  4. for example: ich mag Deutsch, weil es gut ist. "weil" makes the verb run a mile example 2: ich mag Deutsch nicht, denn es ist nutzlos
  5. no you don't lol... google translate can not do the right technique using "weil". so they use "denn"
  6. I used a method called Caesar... by was the first word for "o yo"
  7. I don't use google translate. lol .. if I did, "because" would be "denn" and not "weil"
  8. Ich werde Sie nur Ihre eigene Meinung verlassen, weil es nervig ist . i don't like Germans, that much, anyway... they are so stubborn
  9. are you the real rissole25? the aussie.... dude I love your content. I have a youtube channel, but I only have 144 subscribers...
  10. I'm suggesting better words... and you didn't put the right capital letters on "Der Meister bogen schütze". and you can separate the words, if you did it would mean "the marksman bow". which does make sense. (i'm English, half german) I'm half of the people I dislike. btw capital letters are a big thing in the German language.... and they say English people are stubborn.
  11. we all see ciphers while playing zombies around the maps... they are an inevitable part of the game. some can be solved in a matter of 30 minutes, and some still haven't been solved. the cipher I'm going to talk about, is probably the longest unsolved cipher in call of duty zombies.... that is "the castle" one. its been almost 5 months now, and nobody has even solved the first word... there can be many reasons for this... the main one being Treyarch are very sneaky. I think that they have added many different cipher methods in this one cipher... the unsolved cipher is this: (The Castle) o yo l rrgnrdcyhea thsyar a p w sryy c auM ag ,naaca ldwylnmrphoto... llulf yoirntin teop noekuaoku Zyiooy.ee ulZ . I have solved the first word for this (o), this means "by".

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