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  1. I feel like you're missing the point and gravely, at that. First off I'm 90% sure at the end of Moon that exact same question would apply "One option, world literally ends. Other option, Richtofen's a god" is literally the end of Moon where the only options were, unless the world blows up, Richtofen's a god. Not to even mention the fact that Richtofen or Maxis being some partial demigod gaining their strength would easily allow for the exact same kind of stories to happen involving Agartha and even these random Lovecraftian monsters. It's called a villain. A final boss. But you know what point you're really missing? The entire reason this seems annoying? CONTINUITY. The CONTINUITY was erased. No matter which way you stretch it, instead of a consistent continuity with either the TranZit crew(you can even still have the alternate universe thing be prevalent with a God!Maxis and God!Richtofen just battling it out in Agartha directly instead) or, you know, the Moon crew, you have a completely new original universe out of nowhere, which goes back to another completely new, different universe to change the completely new, different timeline with a completely new, different mythology. The past games didn't matter. Their plotlines, stories, and characters were all meaningless beyond some cheap references in the final map. That's what rubs me the wrong way: nothing before Origins mattered. Even though this kind of plot could've been done while keeping continuity, a conscious decision was made to throw every storyline(except Mob of the Dead, naturally) out of the window.
  2. What, like the loose ends of Moon, the loose ends of Buried, the kind of important loose end of the story itself continuing on in some fashion, rather than coming crashing to a halt, having most of it "canon" in the sense that it was seen in a glimpse before erased IC? How is following the timeline even loosely retreading old ground? Or have I missed what happened to the original crew after Moon and the New Crew after Buried, and that was just explained somewhere I hadn't seen? Are the comics, at least, about what happened after that point?
  3. To an extent it feels like even more than just BO2 was ignored. Until this point with all the non-BO2 maps thrown all over the place, there were scarcely any real connections to the WaW-BO past beyond the characters themselves as far as I know. In fact the only pre-Lead Blundell map that really looks like you need to play to understand what in the world was happening plot-wise was... Origins. There's something about the "I'm going to tell you how this all really began" line from Samantha, in particular, that instinctively annoys me because it almost sounds like it's explicitly referencing that everything before was something. And that something is "non-existent because this story's better".
  4. I mean, just from a creative standpoint, is anyone else rubbed the wrong way by the retcon from Buried->Origins? Around Origins I'd started dropping out of video games and, through that, the Zombies sub-franchise, but the more I heard and read about it, the less I even wanted to keep an eye on it. It feels like to me that instead of continuing the story from Zielinski, almost all of it was thrown clean into the dumpster and replaced with a completely different story--no, an entirely different mythology--that just pays lip service to the old storyline. That just feels messed up to me in ways I can scarcely describe: just the decision to throw away everything someone else worked on for your own tale. I mean, I don't really want to say anything about Blundell because that crosses into personal attacks, but... really? Instead of anything from the previous timeline, Mob of the Dead coincidentally remains canon? I don't know, it's difficult to put in words beyond a general feeling of disappointment and faint disgust. Does anyone else feel the same way about this, or have I just missed something explained in the months after Origins?

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