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  1. Title says it all. Looking for players on the xbox 360 platform. And those on the one? You can buy the game, it'll still allow us to play. Only problem though? Could be our internet. Other than that? Xbox one owners can play with me as well! ^o^ Some of my skills for zombies. You could say I'm partily both of 'medic' and 'supportive' roles in zombs. By that I would say I have your back. Unlike a lot of random players I've encountered... Another thing I like in a game of zombs? If we can work as a team. And find ways in earning a crazy amount of points, with good stregs through out a few carrable rounds..!! That'll be deeeecent! My gamer tag is Ell Kisuke II3 Hope to see you around, and kill some zombs for some fun. ^>^
  2. Hey there. Welcome. I am not sure if this goes here, or else where, but. Here it is! To all WaW players, and those who still play it. I've created a discord that's going to be dedicated to Waw (1) zombies. And if you'd like to join? Then here you are! https://discord.gg/HrZCm72 I hope this works out for the best, for all players and zombie fans alike!
  3. Hey! To those that know enjoyed 'Exo Zombies', I am sure you'll come to enjoy this video. No-- Before you leave. IT isn't a montage, or how good or fun killing zombies are. Nope! --- Its a fan made trailer (Unattentionally). Check it out! I'm sure you'll come to find it rather epic, or damning. ^.^ I've created another video, if you'd be so happy to check it out!

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