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  1. PrideToGhosts

    Lord Of Shadows

    What maps haven't you played I would love to help i'm a big story guy myself and have done all the Easter eggs.
  2. PrideToGhosts

    Summary of the Children and the House

    We definitely can make theories about some things. The forest is most likely a representation of purgatory. In the trailer called doctor monty we see our characters waiting in the forest and then doctor Monty walks up to them. I believe the characters go to the forest every time after each map waiting to be teleported to the next. As for collecting the souls I think the children are just that. A soul and whatever power may come with that is what the characters want. To channel pure souls may bring a lot of power in that universe. Finally the PRIMIS tombstones are most likely placed there by the Shadowman when he makes revelations. He knows that he has killed the characters before and is reminding them of their death. Also I don't think the children were being resurrected and then dying constantly I think it was the shadowman conjuring dreams and thoughts of that stuff in maxis's mind so that he can have control over him and make him touch the summoning key starting revelations. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  3. PrideToGhosts

    Box teddy bear sound and it taking everything

    I know why this is happening to all of you. There are mainly three reasons. 1 If the match you are playing is lagging then when you are revived the game will recognize that you have three guns without mule kick then it takes your guns and your left with a pistol 2 The specialist weapon can also make the game think you have three weapons so it does the same thing 3 The new gobblegums can fuck with you because they haven't coded them that well so the game doesn't really recognize you have the gobblegum I don't know the specifics but I know that they are fucked until treyarch takes the time to fix them. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  4. PrideToGhosts

    DLC 3&4 Theory and DLC 4 Map Idea

    I think the worst part about the whole blood vial thing is how Richthofen knows exactly what it's used for but keeps it secret from the rest I think the blood vials will at least have to do with death resurrection and a restart for the characters possibly restarting the timeline entirely and involving them trying again but maybe they will have all these memories and know how to make primis win and collect the souls Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  5. PrideToGhosts

    DLC 3&4 Theory and DLC 4 Map Idea

    Now even though that didn't happen in DLC3 I do like your thoughts towards primis but I don't think it will be new crew I think it's gonna be the 1.0s if you notice in the Dempsey memory trailer he is holding the blood vial and then sees 1.0 out of the pod this leads me to believe that along with the souls they may have also gotten the blood vials filled with blood of their past selves except Richthofen who we know has the blood of MOTD crew so what if the primis will fail does happen and everyone dies except Richthofen so as an "insurance policy" he uses the blood to make new version of the 1.0s who collected all the souls and complete their goal of saving the universe I know that isn't a solid theory but it's mine and it's a nice one at that also has anyone forgotten that some ciphers on ZNS literally talk about how the kids have been taken and HE TOOK SAMANTHA whoever he is I don't know why everyone hasn't also accounted for the fact that what if nothing goes wrong with the group itself but with the children Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  6. PrideToGhosts

    Real Purpose of the Summoning Key Revealed?

    Look Blundell says the things he says the way he says them because he doesn't want to give everything away if what I believe is correct than maybe Monty is just skeptical of richtofens plan Monty obviously does not want it to follow through he starts telling the characters things that they shouldn't know things that break them Dempsey isn't giving field reports to anyone but Monty has been listening all along I don't really want to trust the man who can break our characters with one action. Look you don't have to trust me but I really look deeply into the storyline I think richtofen has changed for the better and wants to help more than destroy I believe that richtofen with the help of the crew and the summoning key can greatly change things I just don't trust Monty one bit Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app

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