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  1. I was thinking of different machines I could make for bo3 Zombies but then I noticed it would take 2 billion years to make what takes normal mappers days to make do heres the machine I came up with. It is heavily inspired by the apothicons and would go well with a map where the apothicons won the battle against primis in my opinion. Anyway tell me what you think and I might take it into consideration.
  2. I like the thought of richtofen having an EE song but what if maxis, monty or even the shadow man has a song. That would be a suprise. Also thanks for enjoying the theory.
  3. I did mean that origins through revelations is a loop btw I should of included that. And I am happy to see that you enjoy this analysis enough to give some criticism I love listening to things that other people think and working with that.
  4. As a disclaimer this is all my interpretation and I will take fair criticism. Song:https://youtu.be/wmEU-VypsHo I just want to thank treyarch for trying something new and making zombies and I want to thank maluka, kevin sherwood, elena seigmen and clark s nova for making in my opinion the best music and making zombies a blast. As you all know the new zombies map Gorod Krovi has two easter egg songs: Dead Ending and Ace Of Spades but for the sake of this post I will talk about the info in Dead Ending. In the song we can find the verse "My running nightmare is to face myself" therefore we know that it is in the perspective of either nikolai or another character in the origins crew but for the sake of discussion I will say that it is nikolai 2.0's perspective, therefore we can say that the rest of the info is from nikolai. There is info from the start of the song where the verse "can you hear the panicked wings above" is spoken, this can mean 1 of 2 things either nikolai is seeing visions of his own death or flashback's of the stalingrad war. The other piece of info comes from the line after that where the verses "destroy and create our story's dead ending" are said and it can mean that the crew is trying to prevent their own death by securing their 1.0 souls and sending those as a sacrifice instead of themselves, this might be the reason why monty mistrusts richtofen. The verse "my view of heaven looks like someones hell" tells that nikolai can remember the great war between the keepers, apothicons and primis, this can be because of 115 disillusion or because the whole of the zombies storyline is a massive cycle which is supported by the verse "the end will bring me back to you" which might mean that our characters are breaking the cycle by jumping universes therefore breaking the flow of time so the cycle can't continue. The verse "how long can we go before we know we never mattered" can mean that nikolai knows that the universe can't be fixed by destroying and changing universes. The verse "I see a mirror or does it see me" might be a foreshadowing of nikolai 1.0's death. The verse "is this my own end they tell me of" moght mean that nikolai can hear a voice telling him of his own demise. The verse "where did we go wrong did we know" might mean that the plan was supposed to fail when it started.
  5. This is a great piece of criticism. But I have to add something that I have forgot to add to the main post. Yes the frozen forest is in their heads but the summoning key takes that and makes it seem real so the characters can interact and minipulate the space around them (e.g. sitting down, picking up items and changing their thoughts and feelings via whats around them.
  6. I wrote this post before the takeo memory segment so I wiil include it in this reply. At the start of the trailer we can see frames of places behind takeo. This is where the question of who is controlling the summoning key comes in. As our characters walk toward the house 115 dissillusion might kick in and make the characters turn on one another that is where monty or maxis gets the summoning key. I shall complete this at a later time
  7. So the frozen forest. Quite the mystery isn't it? But I think I have got a theory that might be true. The theory in question revolves around the summoning key and what the souls see once they are inside it. So when souls go into the summoning key what do they see? My theory is that the characters do in fact die in dlc 4 and the whole of black ops III zombies is told from the forest as some sort of retelling from within the summoning key from the origins characters souls. Sorry about the short theory but if you have any changes I could make. All of the credit goes to my friend turtledude3000 on xbox for helping me come up with this.

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