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  1. As we all know the process of upgrading the apothican servant is as of yet unknown. Upgrade Apothican Servant But I think in DLC 4 or "Revelations" (if thats the actual name of it) we are going to see ciphers that will give us steps on how to go back to SOE and upgrade it. I also have a theory on how we could upgrade it on revelations and then it would have a navcard effect back to SOE, but back to the main thread. Jason told us that the ciphers in Revelations are EXTREMELY difficult to the point where we might not decipher them for a couple years. Crazy right! Well, no. Jason told MrDalekJD that the ciphers in Revelations are harder than the ADFGX cipher in Mob of The Dead. That cipher to this day hasnt been solved, so roughly 4 years the community hasnt been able to figure out that cipher. Jason you troll Now think about how much sense it would make to put the upgrade steps for arguably the most OP weapon in all of zombies, in a cipher harder than that of the ADFGX cipher that STILL after 4 YEARS we haven't able to decode. That makes perfect sense to me. Jason wants the community to work hard to figure this out. And what better place to hide a seemingly impossible easter egg inside a seemingly impossible cipher. Anyways I'd love to hear your guys' theories and ideas in the replies! Peace! [emoji111]️ Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  2. I think dlc 4 will be rezz Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app

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