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  1. Crigger

    Mob of the Dead Loading Screen Code

    In most instances a keyword does not have recurring letters to make it easier to decipher but it is not a rule. Having recurring letters just makes it exponentially harder. litterally. if you have one double letter there is then 2 options that could be true 2 double letters means that there are then 4 possible options it could be. As for the gap? read the text right to left and not left to right. or the gap could just be another ruse to throw us off and can be ignored and assumed that the letters should be all the way to the left. Alas, I also am a newbie at ciphers myself which is why i left my thoughts for the pros to handle. I anticipated that I can be 1000000000% wrong on this but the main "idea" of my post is that treyarch is sneaky and I don't believe that they made it as simple as the community is assuming. They don't always like to play by the rules
  2. Crigger

    Mob of the Dead Loading Screen Code

    @MrRoflWaffles I just had the idea that maybe treyarch isnt playing by the standard rules with this cipher. I personally think that they intentionally left the cipher sideways and the keyword is "mobofthedead" it fits top to bottom. If there is someone adventurous enough to explore this possibility please do! This also might explain why the cube in the corner just randomly says mob of the dead abcd and why the A= is there beside it. this could possibly mean ADFGX key = 13 15 2 15 6 20 8 5 4 85 1 2 3 4

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