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  1. Devo171982

    Time Attack Challenges Help!

    Thanks for the feedback. We have only tried it once since the latest patch, only due to lack of time to play, but it is still glitchy from what I can see. Hopeful for another patch update soon to help.
  2. Devo171982

    Time Attack Challenges Help!

    Thanks for the feedback All four of us always grab the wrench after unlocking it. We never have issues getting the Wrench as we get to round 6 in usually about 4 minutes or less. When we did unlock the Malice, we all wielded it as well. Would love to hear other theories, or actual facts if anyone has discovered any regarding this challenge. Yes, I agree it has been very glitchy. Hopeful another patch may help with this if in fact we are doing everything correctly. We have tried numerous times, all well within the time restrictions with no luck. More feedback from the community would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Devo171982

    Time Attack Challenges Help!

    Hey Everyone My friends and I have been trying to get the Slash N Burn and Fury`s Song Time Attack Challenges but have had no luck, even after the 1.14 patch update on PS4 stating they have corrected issues with the Slash N Burn challenge. We generally have limited time to play, but love the game and want to get this challenge done. We have been trying to figure out why it is not working. We have been well under the 23 minute period for Slash N Burn but have yet to receive it We are usually in the 18-19 minute range with 3 or 4 players. Also, we have only been successful with the Malice once despite getting to round 11 in under 12 minutes. Can someone help us understand the rules behind the challenges? For example: -Can we go down and get revived and/or does it matter if we go down in round 5, 10, 15 or 20? -Do all players have to stay alive the entire time and not go down? -Can the power be turned on? -Can we build the shield and use it? -Do we have to keep the wrench or Malice in hand as we progress toward the next time attack challenge, or can we switch weapons out? -May we buy guns from the Magic Box and/or Wall buy guns? These are the questions we have asked ourselves trying to figure this out, but keep getting denied the Slash N Burn despite being well within the time limit. Hoping someone can shed some light on the details behind the challenges. Thanks all!

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