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  1. Hey guys. So as most people, I was a tad confused about the situations we find the World at War characters in in Black Ops 3. It seems strange that they're all stuck in places that would be a major event in their own personal stories, yet we have never seen these events take place in the World at War timeline, nor are they mentioned prior to that. Obviously we all know what happened prior to Der Riese. Richtofen kidnapped Nikolai, Dempsey, Takeo, and the Mexican Test Subject, and then he eventually awoke them when the zombies descended on the facility. So why do we find the World at War characters aged and alone in Black Ops 3? I put it down to just creative license but then decided to do some searching. A Reddit user suggested the idea of a purgatory and, being a fan of both zombies theories and old literature, I started to piece together a theory of my own. This is it: After the death of World at War Richotfen and thus, the break in the World at War story's continuity, the existing three World at War characters are placed into their own personal purgatory. Purgatory is a place of atonement after death to gain passage to paradise. I am using Dante's Divine Comedy as my reference point for this information, specifically the "Inferno" chapter, in which Dante passes through Purgatory, a place where the dew of repentance washes away the sins of those that have renounced their misdeeds, so that they may eventually know the joy of Heaven's paradise. It is not clear who or what put the World at War characters into purgatory. Monty, the Vril-Ya, it is never really explored, but the religious imagery is undeniable. Each of the existing World at War characters are going through tasks that go against their own personal feelings and desires, seemingly to attone for a final goal. Dempsey has been captured by the enemy and is being used for their own gains, Takeo is imprisoned and left to rot, and Nikolai is forced to defend his homeland against an unstoppable horde on his own. The religious imagery comes into play even more at the end of Gorod Krovi, when the souls of Three of our Four World at War characters ascend to what is presumed to be the paradise of The House. I've made a video on this subject and would love some feedback. This theory took a decent amount of research and formulation. This is my first post here, hopefully you'll find its a quality one. Eradicati0n

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