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  1. Well the whisp that was recently found supports what you said, still its been poorly worked on, they just made it the case, because that way it can end this topic because they didnt want to make it more complex for them as well. But one thing wasnt answered and alternate universe is just an excuse for a poorly worked on continuation of the story. der eisendrach should of happened first than the giant. Groph stats security protocol 935, which meant for Maxis and samantha to be disposed of, before BO3 they werent disposed of as richtofen said, but in bo3 it already happened.
  2. Exactly I have some ideas. I have a feeling Treyarch acctually finished zombies in BO2 technically and when it was official they would continue, they didn't really think through the story from this point forward. as matuzz said:'' The key to understand these things is to realize that Treyarch themselves have no idea what's going on.'' Takeo was said to be captured by the Japanese Division 9, and I do you the word Japanese, but only because they are still under the Japanese Gov. The emperor sent Takeo on a mission to zetsubo, right? Thats why in the cutscene he talks about the Emperor betraying him. The plan was to send him to be captured, by Division 9 because of something to do with the emperor losing his ''something'' important to him among his people, as you can see in the writing on a tombstone somewhere in zetsubo. he sent him to zetsubo to be captured by Division 9, when really he was supposed to be else where, thus captured by Richtofen. Something has caused the emperor to change the course of history in this way. What do you think of this so far? This is the best lead i was able to dig up.
  3. I see. But why were they not captured by Richthofen? this really puzzles me.
  4. The serum DID work, and i said that, however the fact the so far other than Richtofen, the other two characters Takeo, and Nikolie were not Richtofens test subjects. They were not with him nor were they captured. For Nikolie in BO3, was addicted the old fashion way, drinking to forget emotional pain, but not because of some serum as part of an experiment. Thanks you for telling me about the Vril, it helped because i never thought of it that way.
  5. To: Matuzz, I realize that already. By example, the reason Nikolai was addicted to vodka, is because of the serum that was made as a pain reliever with the PRIMARY ingredient vodka, that he was. I even made a diagram of how eagles nest then the giant, in this order took place, and not to forget that by that time the three test subjects (including Mexican) were already captured.There is more than that but these are some examples. I made the work in progress diagram, to try to figure out whats going on. Pre boIII means that you forget what you heard from boIII. To:Tac, The keepers are not the Vril-Ya. They were never said to be the same. They are different but in someway connected. They have never been forgotten, at least the name ''Vril''.
  6. The Vril-Ya are abviously are influenced in some way with the ethereal beings, but why have they not been mentioned. Do they worship the ancient evil. Whats the deal?

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