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  1. yes but it is arguable that they had a vague idea, Treyarch isn't short sighted. They have said that they wanted brackets on zombies by DLC 4 for BO 3. So they could've had some kind of plan.
  2. I was reading the Black ops 1 terminal when I got into dreamland and logged in with Roppen and password trinity, I found files of Der reise. These files are very interesting to read, but its not until you get to the 7th .txt file that I realized something. "Maxis: What? Edward what are you doing? Open the door. Edward. Open this door now. Samantha: Dad, I'm scared. Maxis: Damn you... Stay by me, Samantha. Richtofen: Goodbye, Doctor Maxis. [Edward laughs] [Static.]" So does this mean that when the static begins, its because the new four came into play already? Not only that but there are several ciphers that I wouldnt even know how to begin to crack. For example if you type "CAT HAI1.TXT it pulls up a cipher that looks like this. FTEUMMK2WMZYDLMZCTKNSGRKZHZRXMIZJZQG VNWZQTMIZZQJ2FHPNTIMMXZWZZYMQYMMPATGRJZH DKNCTXZJMFGHLNTHHEKMTNYNGVZURTIZDWNQHRT Yet if you type decode hai1.txt, all you get back is the letter T. Help if you can or like to but I have no idea what to do here.
  3. Grey

    DLC 3

    Since we were denied a DLC 3 trailer, we should probably think about what facts we have at hand. We know it will be in Stalingrad, this will be Nikolai´s turn to put his soul (is that the right word?) into the summoning key. What we don´t know is if he will succeed, we dont know because of Richtofen´s comment in Zetsubo. ¨Maxis, Samantha, Eddie... they are safe. Dempsey too. Maybe Takeo. Oh Nikolai... why must you fight it?¨ what this could possibly mean is that Nikolai won´t be able to kill Nikolai 1.o. Something big is happening, and maybe we shouldn´t be looking for just the big and out there stuff. Maybe it is the smaller things that get overlooked easily. I´ve been seeing papers in Zetsubo, they are small and torn but they seem to have writing on it, not english but a cipher. If you find it and solve it, please share it with me. I have been going crazy not being able to read them.
  4. That would make sense, however, wouldn't there still be history of people knowing about the elements and such? Wouldn't there be knowledge of Nikolai, Tank, Takeo, and Edward or at least Nova 6 through the Black Ops files?
  5. So after beating the campaign on Realistic you get Nightmare mode. Why is nightmare mode a thing? It seems to have no actual point to the story-line, and there is the fact that in the Nightmare mode story-line, people have been experimenting with element 61-15 or something or other, but how does that connect to our current zombies story-line? It may very possibly be something to do with the out-come of maybe DLC 3 or 4 we can see how it takes people that long to find or rather re-discover both Nova 6 and Element 115. Why does it take about 120 years to discover something that was all discovered by Germans or secret Groups and Divisions? Why does Germany play such a dominant part in the story-line for the whole story? Is there a legitimate connection or is it just an unrealized path that was chosen

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