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  1. Sometimes, I get very sad with the COD Zombies community. Not because of the nerds that sweat all day long and shits on noobs saying "get off here you multiplayer peasant!" and stuff. I get pissed off by many YouTubers (cof, cof, MrTLexify) that didn't gave a chance to Exo Zombies, and the community that follows that same thinking. "But, but, wait on, are you saying that Exo Zombies are better than Treyarch Zombies?" No, I'm not saying that. Treyarch started zombies and still know how to manage it (disqualifying Tranzit and Zetsubou no Shima), but nobody gave it a chance. Nobody. What I'm saying, is that it's a common thing to see is a Bandwagon hating on Exo Zombies: "Hurr Durr I fucking hate BurgerTown I hate the Wonderweapon go home Sledgehammer" and never thinking about how we should be grateful about SH giving us Exo Zombies. Why? Oh, let me explain why (and sit down, it's going to be a long one) Let's Rewind back to the end off Black Ops 2. The EE for Origins was just discovered and the Reddit and Twitter was raging with demands for answers. We all saw the clusterfuck that was the launch of the last DLC of BO2. Fast-Foward a little bit to the COD Ghosts release, and Extintion mode being teased. Most of the people were disappointed about the game not having any Co-Op mode (many were disappointed about the game itself). Gamers (and the Zombies community) already were looking foward to the new Treyarch game, so that we could play a new zombies campaign. Extintion came (and in my personal opinion, it didn't "flop", but it's definitely below the Exo Zombies, though it was awesome to play it "Gangsta" style with the WiiMotion controller on the WiiU) and it wasn't the best Co-Op mode in the COD history, but it was a quick relief for our "thirst" for zombies. It had aliens, money, guns and a objective. In core, it's almost like Zombies (though the main objective is more secret and difficult to achieve than Extintion) and when it was over, we were throwing our hats up and thanking God that we didn't kill ourselves because of the time we spent away from Treyarch. But Sledgehammer happened. Sledgehammer, after helping IW doing MW3 and a little bit of Ghosts, would like a piece of the COD IP, and it was well deserved. But our hearts were crumbled and our minds ran over by the announce made. COD AW happened, we all were surprised about the game (it was different, but too different), and we were fine playing the Survival mode. But then somebody found out about the Zombies EE in survival. Internet has gone ape shit again, just like the Origins EE. And I guarantee that if you were a Zombies player since before that news, you too got ape shit about it. Sledgehammer hit jackpot and knew it was a gold mine of money if they did a Zombies map for a testing ground, for a "reaction" if the community liked the idea or not. So DLC 1 was one of the most hyped thing on COD since, well, since BO1. I never saw the community so together in one, both Multiplayer and Zombies/Survival players were hyped about this. It was bliss. And it was bliss. Exo Zombies nailed it. Outbreak was everything I expected about it. It wasn't a copy of Treyarch Zombies, but it wasn't a totally different mode. It had many changes and innovations, but it wasn't so abrupt as the main game. If you play again, probably you will like it know. "But, but, now it's a wasteland, nobody plays it anymore!" Can you have a idea why? We will talk about that later. After the release, we (yes. WE. I know you liked it too as well) were overhyped about DLC2. I can't guarantee the rest of the community (Multiplayer and Survival) were hyped as well, because I didn't play the multiplayer as much as zombies. And the addition of the AE4 (almost a PPSh-41, the gun everybody likes on Zombies, no exception), and the Discovery of the EE (confirming a Storyline), holy shit it was like the release for Der Eisendrachen! And Infection happened, packed with the Ascendence DLC. More know as the infamous BurgerTown, most people dare to compare with the real face of Satan, Tranzit (but that we talk later). And it wasn't bad. Just because it made the tasks obvious, everybody hated it. Let's take example of Tranzit (just because everybody compares it) In Tranzit you need to find the Turbine. In BurgerTown, you need to find a decent gun (or spend it on opening the Exo). On Tranzit it isn't needed to build the Turbine, such as the Exo or the guns in BurgerTown, but the difference is Treyarch doesn't ruch you directly, instead of calling you every single round in Infection. After building the Turbine, you must go to the Power Station and turning on the power, and after getting the Exo you must open up Exo Health or open up the 3D Printer. The difference is you don't need to do both of them, but Infection warns you every single time. After turning on the power, you can get some guns. After buying Exo Health, you can get some guns from the printer or the "wall". Difference? You guessed it. And let's go for the most requested one (I'm reading your mind, I guess. Man, you should stop searching "Samantha Maxis Rule 34") "What about the Extrations?" Well, I'm glad you asked. After buying some guns in Tranzit, you must build one of the Buildables: the Turret, the Eletric Trap, the Shield, or the infamous Jet Gun. When you are setted in BurgerTown (by the time you get a decent gun in Tranzit), you must upgrade the gun, and in the mid time, it gives you an objective: "Save a Survivor!". All of that time, the difference between both of those maps, are one (and maybe of the SH Maps and Treyarch maps): Directions. In Treyarch maps you spawn and the game doesn't give a fuck anymore about you. You have a few tasks that is behind the main one (technically, it's survive infinite rounds. But we all know it's the Easter egg) In Sledgehammer the game does give a fuck, giving you objectives that mixes up your gamestyle. And the Toxic Gas Leak in certain areas, it really takes you out off your comfort zone. But everybody shitted on it. After the launch of BurgerTown on all consoles, YouTube was trending with hate videos on the map. And rewinding to the MrTLexify case, he mainly was the reason the map got deserted. Him, SmithPlays and the crew. (Quick Disclaimer: I like both of these channels. I watch all of their streams and videos, I donate to them, blah blah blah I'm a huge fan bullshit. I only disagree on their vision about Exo zombies, and their opinion caused 90% of the community to leave and hate SH) Because of the "Flop" Ascendence was, both of the other DLCs flopped as well. Carrier (my favorite) was the last one with attention and Descent is the least talked, and it was ok. Back to the question. Sledgehammer tried very hard so that we didn't spent almost 3 years without zombies. And you guys shit on them. That's the only problem about the Zombies Community. The cold Hypocrisy that a person would rather play Tranzit than Exo Zombies (like ToProForU, or Adam.) And I imagine the hate I will get for this letter. But give a chance to Exo Zombies.

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