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  1. FireHavoc

    Hello Zombies Fans

    Hey, that's really cool! :) I look forward to reading through it all. I hope that I can support the community by one day archiving all that data into a singular program. Then we can pass it around, on the go, and if this forum is ever lost for some reason (for the sake of all that is good, hopefully not) we can rebuild it with data from the program.
  2. FireHavoc

    Hello Zombies Fans

    Hello all. I have been humbly observing zombies from the outside, taking notes, marking statistics, gathering intel, and formulating tactics. My friends and U have been loving members of the Zombies community since its debut in World at War as Nacht Der Untoten. Years ago, my notebook, painstakingly filled with zombies information and statistics, was accidentally destroyed. In my recent years of college going, the time I was able to spend on tertiary life things like Zombies greatly diminished and I have fallen far below where my capabilities once were, though I always pre-order the next CoD from Treyarch. Having finished my CompSci degree I and a few old Zombies friends decided to take another shot at our old Black Ops days. We were well below par, but surprised ourselves. I have recently decided to begin recording everything I can remember and all the statistics I've found into a singular program: a Zombies Archive. I have a problem, though. The old charts I had used for part of my calculations were found here: http://www.eaglesorbit.com/zombie/weapons/kino_der_toten.php I never made a backup of the charts. I have come here curious if anyone has any backups of his files or if anyone knows where I might be able to find these charts now. I have many other's, but these had information (albeit I cannot remember what information) that other's don't have... Or, at least, did not at the time. Anyways, any help or direction would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to joining your community.

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