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  1. badimpact28

    Der Eisendrache Easter Egg loop

    ahww this makes sence of course, so much thnx for the tip ! very usefull, i didn't know that you had to activate it once.. Going to try this out right away :)
  2. badimpact28

    Der Eisendrache Easter Egg loop

    Hi all, I have a question about the main solo easter egg on the eisendrache. When i trie to do the main easter egg on solo i come to the point where you have to input the code in to the computer, but the problem is that the computer is not responding. After i do the 4 wisps i hear a succesfull tone and use the teleporter to go back in time, i collect the items like the fuses and the blue thing and obviously the code from the doctor. When i teleport back i kill the panzer ( also tried to not killing it ) and quickly place the fuses in the death ray and set it to protect ( this happends all in the same round with a few zombies alive ). The problem here is that the computer not responds even when i trie to interact with it. When i end the round i here the marwa sound to do the wisps step again until i complete it and get to the point where the computer should activate. It's seems that i loop this process somehow, does anyone knows this problem ?? EDIT: When i play co-op this problem comes not back, so it seems the problems comes in solo

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