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  1. Yo, thanks for the reply. This is certainly a cool site and i'd love to migrate over, or post some ideas. Anywhom, am i free to message you with anything i post or nah? As for the question where you got lost in, we never got much with the whole humanity undertones and the corruption of a little girl and such. They didn't go too much into detail and thus we looked at it with more detail ourselves. I highly doubt someone like Zelinski could think of such a great story and i do feel some of it is very unintentional. But yeah, thanks for the reply, man!
  2. Alrighty, mate, i've made my account as you requested from reddit. I'll copypaste everything i said, and we'll move on from there. This is um... i know a guy who wrote deep and thought provoking rants just like you, but this... i would love to hang out with you because you shed a whole new light. I'm gonna try to counter some of these arguments as best as i can because there are times where i disagree, but this is well thought out. Amazing work, man. To avoid confusion, each paragraph matches yours in order, keep that in mind. I wouldve liked to do a reply like the ">" but there is a limit, soooo The whole reason why we're forced into this Apothicon plot is because of Black Ops II. Whether you admit it or not, Black Ops II royally RAPED the story. Not just fucked with, not just tinkered, RAPED. While it is fun to see Buried's easter egg and all that unfold, do you really care? Like, do you really? The conclusion was so anticlimactic that while seeing the fight between them was cool, i wasn't that invested overall. They did a clean slate, however. Only time will tell how this is going to unfold. A great example of your analogy comes in another franchise entirely, X-Men. The third movie which is hated by pretty much all used the same exact trope. They invented classes out of nowhere just to say that the villain is "Class Omega 10 Mutant" just because of big numbers and it sounds intimidating. It's a cheap way of saying that the villains are evil and powerful and all that. Them being evil does not excuse anything. Why are they evil? What have they done? What is their motives? These questions should be answered and i think Blundell could probably do so. This could go either two ways. If we had a human villain, he could be easily written to be anticlimactic, to be one note, to be nothing but just evil. Tell me, does Groph have anything going for him other than being smart? He's associated with Group 935, yes, but what else could he have? What his his own personal goal? We're never really told and he's just written out without going too much in-depth. The second way we could go about this is a non-human. The Overlords, like a human villain, could go either way. They could just be 'evil' or they could be so much scarier. Think of the Xenomorphs if they were much smarter than humans. Creatures who understand the world better than the humans, which make them feel smaller. A creature more powerful and has more understanding of us than we do of them. Now that could be terrifying depending on how they develop them. Obviously we might not go that route, but still, don't tell me it doesn't have potential. I'm more of a gameplay person than a story person (I aspire to be a writer, i'm just saying for Zombies in general) but the story is a plus for me, and it could make or break a game (e.g. Origins got the worst end of it). Personally, the story i want to see is something we got hints at in Die Rise and Mob of the Dead. Do these people re-live the same day over and over Groundhog Day-style? Are they doomed to do the same thing over and over, to a never ending nightmare of infinite hordes of zombies? How do they escape this nightmare? This is what i never got in a story and it seems so much more interesting than an Apothicon storyline or Group 935. Its what gives me the creeps when i play Kino der Toten solo, are these characters stuck in Groundhog Day? Do they realize it? But anyway, could you go in depth with the The One thing? I'd love to see you spell it out but what's the dark tragic thing? Well, again, they never went too much in-depth with this and all of this is basically your mind going off of what we got, which wasn't much. But leading to my thing from earlier, i want to see my questions answered in a better fashion and with a game devoted to it: Are they doomed to repeat Groundhog Day? The idea of just never being able to win and to do the same thing over and over. How would a human cope with such a scenario? This lends itself to dark storylines and to be honest, it never truly went there as much as i'd like it to. I mean, what if Samantha is just taunting the characters? Giving them false hope like the power ups. What if the Zombies are the characters? Anyway, your arguments are pretty darn amazing. What added to those were the simplicity. You didn't have much complex features like the GobbleGums, it had a formula and it stuck to it. You had limitations. What if you did have Perkaholic and all the wonder weapons in a map like Verruckt. You'd feel pretty invincible, which is not the point. As a gameplay mechanic, it's good, but i'm just saying. It's all down to gameplay. What if you never had the swords or the wonder weapons or the Gobbles? What if you could go down in Beast Mode? See, if you remove these things, it could get pretty difficult and therefore scary. But the thing that ruins it for me is the enemies. This is Zombies Mode, not Cthulhu Monsters Mode. The Margwas belong in Extinction, not Zombies. And because they're so bright and colorful, it ruins it even more. Shadows of Evil could've gone in a different direction with a seemingly bright and colorful surface, but when you look into it, you're alone in a CITY full of Zombies. You have yourself only. Could've been interesting. Maps like TranZit have that isolation element (though that map was shite), but yeah, i get your point. You completely sum it up great, there should be a sense of isolation. Dropping meatballs from the sky? Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs map confirim?!?! No, but seriously, i agree. This was a well written thread and i would love to hang out with you, like seriously. You should make more threads cause you just write things beautifully.

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