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    Hi guys, how's it going! I'm Rich, well not in that way. Damn that was so unfunny. Anyway, I thought I would jump on here today to introduce myself and explain to you who I am. So as many of you on here, I have been obsessed with CoD Zombies since 2008 when the good old days of having to unlock the gamemode actually existed. I became so obsessed with the gamemode that I decided I would never want to leave my room again and therefore started a YouTube channel related to CoD Zombies. Yes, I now look like a wrinkled prune but I am so happy that I got to play the game I love and create content on it. Obviously like most YouTubers, I love to come to sites like this to see discussions and view things that people have discovered. Obviously I then take these ideas, pretend that they're my own and give 0 credit. I'm just joking, don't quote me on that! EVER! So yeah that's me in a nutshell. A guy who became so obsessed with CoD zombies that I decided to play it allot and create videos on it. Thanks for reading this little introduction, I appreciate it! If you're interested in me or possibly my channel you may get some better info from this video: https://youtu.be/ze_Qka_kONE

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