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    The KN-44 theory

    After reading this thread a few days back I decided to look into the kn44 on google and didn't find much. After trying "anointed avenger" I've discovered that our bo3 storyline is based on ancient Gnostic religion/beliefs. IRL in 1945 some manuscripts from "the secret book of John" or "apocryphon of John" were found in Egypt in the Nag hammadi library. The book is a gnostic bible of sorts as it tells of how Christ/the Lord/saviour came to John and 'enlightened' him with the secret knowledge (gnosis) of the gods that exist and the realms and heavens. The gods are.. 'Monad' who is the highest God/power ..who created.. SOPHIA a feminine divine entity ..who then without consent from monad creates an evil/demon god like creature called yaltabaoth. Because Sophia was embarrassed of and scared monad would discover her imperfect creation she hides him in a different dark realm where ..because he can't see anyone or anything in his realm believes he is the only existing God and creates matter and humans and so on. yaltabaoth is also described as having the head of a LION and the body of a serpent. He eventually finds out that he isn't the all powerful, highest God he believes he is and decides to keep his human creations prisoners. keeping them in the dark And in a state of confusion causing them to die without ever knowing the the truth or the true God. after this "REVALATION" by Christ he tells John that those who come into contact with the true spirit (monad) will receive salvation. Spared from death and damnation. The last thing Christ states is that anyone who shares these revelations for personal profits shall be cursed. Sooooo if you're upto date with our bo3 storyline I'm sure you will make the same connections I have pretty quickly. for example.. 1. when Richthofen went travelling he found the kronorium (book of John from nag hammadi, Egypt) which he gained a lot of knowledge (gnosis) from about realms and dimensions and so on. 2. Yaltabaoth ..godlike lion resembling entity who deceived his human creations and kept them in a state of confusion.. Clearly Dr. Monty. Monty is trying to deceive our characters in gorod krovi by trying to divide them and providing them with drops,perks and gobble gums, which in turn cause confusion and memory loss due to their main ingredient being 115. 3. S.O.P.H.I.A maxis' secretary/computer & Sophia, Monad's divine creation -MONAD is described as a monarchy with nothing higher. Supreme, absolute, eternal and infinite. He is also described as the spirit of monad. Maxis is the spirit of the house whe are trying to get to. We are to ascend from Monty's darkness to the light of maxis' monarchy/house for salvation and spared from death and damnation. ..also did S.O.P.H.I.A have a hand in creating Monty?..? As Richthofen created our spirit of maxis with the teleporters. ..obviously I've dumbed this down and shortened the the shit out of it. i don't have a clue if anybody has posted anything about this. I basically just wanted to show what I'd found as I think it helps us understand what's yet to happen in our story and what Dr. Monty is all about. Maybe the strange kn44 appearances were to get us to look into this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apocryphon_of_John heres a a link to read it yourself. Enjoy.
  2. schnutzzz

    The KN-44 theory

    I swear to god after watching another player kill a mangler at close range on gorod krovi, a kn 44 dropped to the floor between them when the mangler exploded. It was the chalk outline of the kn with the gun inside, like what you would see after purchasing one from the wall, and it had a bit of a blue glow/aura around it. There wasnt a thing on the floor afterwards to interact with or pick up.?
  3. schnutzzz

    Any fellow Master Prestiges?

  4. schnutzzz

    Anybody else's MR6 ranking up in zombies??

    There is no weapon kits menu or anything that you can access to customise ur mr6 . Just keeps leveling up and saying iv'e unlocked attachments. Every other weapon i have is maxed out (even bowie) so its not even like im leveling up say an SMG and having the game glitch and tell me my pistol is the weapon that is leveling up as they are all already max rank :s
  5. schnutzzz

    Anybody else's MR6 ranking up in zombies??

    Still leveling after patch 1.06. Pap'd MR6 last game, now level 5. Anybody else ??
  6. schnutzzz

    Anybody else's MR6 ranking up in zombies??

    Im on ps4. This was before the 1.6 patch i just got (started with dlc patch). Its ranking up ..yet there's no way to add attachments :s . Im at lvl3 so far

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