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  1. ThatGuyYouKnow

    Rank Every Zombies Map From Best To Worst

    if you like the atmosphere play shi no numa or mob of the dead, those are great atmosphere, but denizens fire no phd bus leaving you, you should find a better map!
  2. ThatGuyYouKnow

    Rank Every Zombies Map From Best To Worst

    Prepare for a long list from best to worst, this is off of my personal opinion and this is from Best to Worst; 1. Origins- is the most amazing map ever. It is an enormous map and you never run out of things to do. It is so unbelievably fun to play, and so complicated. You have The Panzer Soldat, a challenging boss, 6 different power generators, Der Wunderfizz, the shovel, the Robots, The G-Strike, the Thunder and Iron Fists, the best PAP camo ever, a huge Easter Egg, a new starting pistol, resulting in a cool new PAPed version of it, the ability to get 9 perks at once and it brought back the long-awaited fan favorite PhD Flopper. Origins also has the four elemental staffs, fire, wind, lightning, and ice. They are so awesome it’s unreal. Since there are four, all players can hold one. They are super fun to use and everybody loves them. They give you a fun objective (building them) and when you ultimate them they become so unimaginably overpowered and they just rip through hordes. Overall, Origins is the best map and its so many people’s favorite (including me). 2. Der Riese- is the map that started it all, the map that got people into zombies, introducing pack a punch, monkey bombs, teleporters, great traps, the radio logs, the WonderWaffe DG-2, and much more allows this map to be a fan favorite by many people. And has just made a remastered version recently. Translating to The Giant this map has a lot to do and a very fun setup. One of the best camping spots and a map that you can actually talk to your friends while playing allows you to have fun and puts this map at number 2. 3. Mob of the Dead- is the map that saved Call Of Duty, after making 2 maps that were fails, Mob of the Dead accomplished the grim atmosphere Transit was going for and the replayability that everyone wanted. Being a pretty easy map, it had an amazing easter egg and the first “Game Over” at the end of the easter egg. The innovative BlunderGat/Acid Gat which are not only powerful but the best looking weapons in all of zombies and the first map since Verruckt to not have monkey bombs, the hell’s retriever, the gondola the massive map size, training spots, the first map with traps since Shangri La, awesome buildables, lovable characters, the plane, one of the most epic pack a punches and one of the best pack a punch camos, makes Mob of the Dead number 3. 4. Call of the Dead- is the third DLC in Black Ops 1 and it featured the first major easter egg of all time. This introduced the scavenger, included the WonderWaffe DG-2, a zipline, an ice slide, the flinger and the crazy boss George Romero who can have 1 million health. The snowy atmosphere combined with some of the best characters in cod zombies this map deserves number 4 5. Moon- is a hugenormous map. At the time, it was the biggest innovation ever. It has the cool spawn, where you can get Jug before round one, the awesome zero-gravity, the QED, which can do so much. It also has teleportation, the Astronaut which is the most annoying boss ever (except maybe George), and the best Easter Egg ever, where you get to blow up the Earth, and get 8 perks. Moon also introduced Mule Kick, a perk enabling you to hold 3 guns. Overall, Moon is huge, extremely innovative and complicated. Even though it is one of the hardest maps in zombies history it deserves number 5 6. Buried- is one of the most innovative maps ever. It is very easy, (because of the OP camping spots) but still amazing to play on. It introduced the Paralyzer, one of the best Wonder Weapons ever, and the Raygun Mark 2. It is super complicated, with the wall chalks, Vulture-Aid (a great perk that is very helpful), the witches, the maze, the hardest easter egg ever, Leroy and all the things he can do. Although it is easy, it is super innovative and fun to play on. 7. Verruckt- is the first DLC in World at War. It is famous for being one of the most difficult maps ever, and it deserves that. It has a very creepy setting, an insane asylum, and has a really cool mechanic where each player spawns on the other side of the map. It is great because it brings back lots of nostalgia, but what truly is great about it is that it introduced perks. It deserves credit, because where would we be without perks. All around, Verruckt is a nostalgic, terrifying map that we all love and remember (especially because it introduced perks). 8. Nacht der Untoten- this map is what got it all started, featured in World at War and The Rezurrection DLC of Black Ops 1. It has no perks, no pack a punch and only a couple of doors making this map very hard before people got into the idea of training. So on this map you just had to sit back kill zombies and enjoy a fun game of zombies with or without friends. 9. The Giant- is personally my favorite map made it onto this list, it is a remake of Der Riese, it would be higher but because it is brand new, not very nostalgic (and there’s no PPSH which is the best gun excluding wonder weapons) so it can't be much higher. Featuring better graphics, Gobblegum, new guns, the WonderWaffe DG-2, the reimagined catwalk buffed up guns and new zombie stats, makes us have to put this on our list. 10. Ascension- is the first DLC in Black Ops 1. It is famous for introducing Stamin-Up, which is very useful on large maps such as Origins, and PhD Flopper, which is a long-time fan favorite. It is well laid-out, has an amazing training spot, a cool way to get to Pack-a-Punch, two awesome new perks, the Thundergun, The Gersch Device that transports you and sucks in/kills zombies, the first easter egg in zombies history, the Matryoshka dolls (multiple grenades that are part of the easter egg), and the best power generator ever (the awesome spinning thingy at spawn.) 11. Kino Der Toten- is the starting point of all training and I am a personal fan of training, I remember watching countless hours of Syndicate playing and making it to very high rounds myself. I love the way the pack a punch was built in and how fast you were able to get the hang of the map. The only reason it wasn't higher was because of "replayability" sure before the rest of the DLC came out for bo1 i would play it, but after Ascension I played it much less it was a great map, but even the greatest map gets boring if you have nothing to do on it. 12. Nuketown- this is a great map to freshen up your training skills because sometime you have to go from 10-20 rounds with no jug and being able to do that allows you to get much better, featuring absolutely no camping spots you have to train and you always have to be on your toes. This is a great map but the others ahead of it still are better 13. Shadows of Evil- this map is just to difficult, i mean it is great to watch and probably is the reason it is not even lower, i mean don't get me wrong shadows of evil is a great map but I can't get past round 17 the boss is overpowered pack a punch takes forever, it gets to the point were it doesn't feel like zombies it feels like leading a zombie while you do pointless things. Even if I were to memorize everything I would still die very fast because there is no camping spots and even training is hard unless you are at pack a punch with i don't know how to get to. 14. Shi no Numa- to me this map is bland and easy, it gets to the point were you use trench gun on dog rounds and wonder waffe the rest of the time because after round 30 there is about 24 zombies per rounds meaning 3 shots per rounds if you can train well. People have gotten to round 7,000 (real number look on youtube) it is just to easy and too boring. _________________________________________________________________________________________________ now here (15+) is were the maps are just bad/boring this are the maps were if you say it is your favorite i will kick you from the game because it tells me "I suck really bad and I want people to play these maps with me" __________________________________________________________________________________________________ 15.Five- this map isn't much of a bad map, it is just boring and hard, it didn't really bring and good weapons to the table and THE worst wonder weapon, I just don't think that this map deserves to be even considered as good. This is the kind of map that even pros would find hard because it is so close quarters and no real good camping spots other than the elevators which are to close for comfort 16. Shang ra la- so you are trying to play a good online 4 player game but uh oh one guy has no mic, you have 2 great guns and all your perks but you can't pack a punch because the no miker won't step on the pad. So now you are stuck with no pack a punch and a nobody player so you think nothing of it i mean there was no pap in other maps right, it will be fine. But no the no nicer runs around a gets you killed in the spike trap, so you get revived but all of a sudden when 3 of your guys are all fighting the horde (2 came to help you get revived) a napalm zombie blows up in your face and puts you all down so here comes along the no miker t-bags you three to death and meanwhile a horde of zombies approaches and just like that "Game Over Round 12" SO you decide meh solo game time but wait you can't because this map is so incedibly hard to go with less than 4 downs just trying to set up. So what do you do? "You give up on the map" 17. Die Rise- so you start a game right? and you start playing and go for PAP you think hmm pack a punch is in power room I am going to save my money buy no guns and save for mustang and sally, but when you finally have enough you pack a punch and the elevator goes away you use your key but when it comes back your gun is gone so you are forced, on round 6 to only knife because you have no weapons. RESTART GAME so you think this time I'm gonna go judah room way, you are going along but bam you die of fall damage for falling of a ledge and hitting a zombie at the same time and oh god that has happened so many times. RESTART GAME so you go online with 3 randoms they seem cool you all are set up trample steams svg you even have a squiclifier but whoops someones trample steam launches you off the map and you think oh it was an accident, but when you spawn in someone else spawns inside of you and you die ugh this map just makes me Angry 18. Dead ops Arcade 1 & 2- yes this technically is a map even though it is probably one of the worst things Treyarch could have added to there game featuring an unbelievable 50 people playing PER DAY this map has got to be one of the most crappy things out there. Featuring next to no replayabilty this map shouldn't even have been in the zombies map list. 19. Transit- honestly, what was Treyarch thinking? i am not going to even explain because I could right 10 pages about why this is soon bad; want the bus? sorry it left 30 seconds ago guess you can wait about 2 rounds for it to come back or run through the fog and risk the game lets build the jet gun, oh wait you went down in lava holding a part? guess no more jet gun well lets get pack a punch, hmm place turbine run to bank but sad face, your turbine broke and now you have to make another loop around the hole map for a second chance on pack a punch DENIZENS LAVA FOG no wall buys at town erm about 16 different entrances to the bus EMP trolling ray gun + fire = death so big of a map that it could be split into 3 maps; town, bus depot, farm. so if you really have no money at all (even though you could be console/computer and game) just play TOWN

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