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    Favorite perks

    Super late but whatever, I'm just gonna put them in order from favorite to least favorite because in certain cirumstances they can all be life savers. 1. Juggernog- Gives you more health, which is always a necessity considering all it takes is two hits to go down without it. 2. PhD Flopper- Allows you to use explosive weapons freely without worrying about downing yourself and allows you to "flop" I love using this perk on whatever map I can get it and its perfect for Mustang and Sally. 3. Electric Cherry- Shocks area around you and stuns zombies when you reload. This has saved me countess times when i've been cornered and can even kill zombies in the early rounds. 4. Speed Cola- Lets you reload faster, great for guns with long reload times and lets you get back to killing zombies. 5. Stamin-up- Allows you to run faster and for longer periods of time, its great for getting to downed teammates across the map and getting out of bad situations. 6. Double Tap II- shoots two bullets for every one and increases fire rate by 20%. This turns any wall gun into a good zombie killer. With this you won't need another gun till round 20. 7. Vulture Aid Elixir- Gives you green mist, points, ammo, and locations on the map. Very usefull for staying good on ammo, building points, and getting out of situations or reviving teammates. 8. Mule Kick- Allows you to buy a third gun, useful for higher rounds when you tend to run out of ammo frequently with less max ammos. Just don't get downed... 9. Deadshot Daiquiri- Autoaims for the head, no sway on snipers,increased hip fire accuracy. I usually dont grab this unless i'm doing it for the lolz because i'm good with headshots and there's usually something else better on the map. 10. Quick Revive- Lets you revive a downed teammate in less time, if you have a monkey or something similar this isn't really needed. I usually only get it when theres nothing else to get or whenmy teams doing bad. In solo I either don't get it or save it for last. 11. Tombstone soda- Allows you to pick up whatever weapons and perks you died last round with and allows you to get more perks. Extremely useful for some people but I never get it because I hate getting downed and I feel the perk slot can be used for something more important. I can usually get myself back together pretty well if I die anyway. 12. Who's Who- When downed, spawns you in with a pee shooter and no perks and lets you attempt to revive yourself or basically start over from scratch at whatever round you're on. This perk is only good with a well-coordinated team. With a good team this perk can be extremely useful and fun but I don't usually pick this up because I don't find it well suited for Die Rise, if it were on more maps perhaps. Its basically a worse version of Afterlife from Mob of the Dead.

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