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  1. So ive been playing der reise for a long time now and its my favorite map so i figured that for my first post i should enlighten you guys on my favorite map's strategy. PART 1: The Early rounds Round 1: Knife only. The m1911 (i think) should be used to accumulate points early on and is kinda difficult when it takes only 7 shots to kill a zombie. repair windows and remember not to shoot whatsoever. points should be around 1300 or so. Round 2: (see round 1) Same as round one. points at the end of the round should be around 2500. Round 3: Rack up points Now that the zombies can take a lit
  2. Robst3r


    Wassup guys I'm Robert otherwise known as Robst3r I've been here before but I've finally decided to join since bo3 started showing zombies trailers so here I am
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