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  1. Excellent, I will send you a friend request this evening. Der Riese and Ascension are definitely in my top 5 favorite maps!
  2. Good day fellow slayers! Mayhem here, I currently reside on the Playstation Network. I mainly play black ops 1(although I do own black ops 2 ). There is just something I like better about the old school zombies. Within a few days my gaming PC will be finished. To which I will be venturing into the vast world of custom zombies. Any advice on that would be greatly appreciated! Like which maps are some of the better maps to download, how to use a controller instead of a keyboard (I don't think I would be very good with a keyboard). Anything you could think of to help my transition that much easier. I'm always up to play with new people although I have 3 little ones that keep me pretty well occupied through out the day so i usually don't get on until they are put to bed (8:30ish,ct) because who needs sleep anyways. Anyways thank's for your time and I'm sure you will be seeing alot more of me!
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