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    ~Zombies Hangman~

    oof. Board updated.
  2. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    A legend returns and makes a great guess! Updated.
  3. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    Hey, guys. Meh here. Listen, before I get into absolutely anything, I want to go ahead and say that... for the most part, I love this forum. I have loved this forum for all the time I've been here. Four years of support on my ideas, a loving community to follow, maps and theories to discuss. It's all fun. I've met many people, experienced things, torn my heart out with my honesty and built upon it a reputable soul. My experiences here are good, and I look back on them well. This place has grown well in the time I've been here, and I like how it's been managed. With that out of the way... bear with me when I say, I think there's problems. I think there's things needed to change, if this forum wants to stay afloat. It's become very apparent to me as of late, and I can't stand by anymore and see them perpetuate. So, I'm taking a stand here and speaking out for them. First things first... let's face a fact here, there's not a lot of people stopping by anymore. I get that, I do. The Reddit's around, the YouTube community's growing strong - it's a genuine win-win situation. But we've been left in the dirt, the background. I feel like, as these other bodies of the community rise, the roots have withered. I get that we try, and, truthfully, I won't deny that I don't know the exact visitor number, daily (a more comprehensive page for statistics would be lovely, come to think of it). I don't know perfect analytics, nor do I know the traffic this site gets. But, it's evident to me that, compared to its compatriots, we're in a lull compared. I don't wish to attribute it to the off season (truly, we haven't had a year without Zombies since Ghosts), and I don't wish to believe that it's anything other than the simple fact that... well, we haven't grown with the times. We've stuck to a format that we like, and I don't wish to see ourselves change "drastically" to embody a completely different image than that we originally started with. But I think, in the pursuit of things, we need to find a fix to this. In my eyes, I believe that, if we want to ensure more traffic, we need to branch out more. In that, I mean that... we, as a forum, absolutely NEED to have more community involvement. I know we have a Twitter, a YouTube, the whole nine yards, but I thoroughly believe we need to completely overhaul them in some way if we want external services to produce internalized traffic, y'know? Re-brand the CoDz YT, call it "CoDzOfficial" or something, and make it a community hub page. Make topic videos about certain aspects of Zombies maps, reintroduce the infamous podcast (that I know little about to this day). Make weapon guides. Make "post of the week" videos. Introduce the same atmosphere we have here and inject it into that. Added into that, throw up an official Twitch. Run charity livestreams (be that for the forums to stay up or for actual places, like funds for hospitals and such), connect with other popular CoD streamers, perhaps even give them spotlight on the Twitch. Embrace the larger community at hand, really, as, together, we can have that power. ...oh, and before I forget with that point... re-connect with the Reddit, for the love of god. It may be run with other people at the helm, but I don't believe that it being there like that should mean that the forum that it (by all technicalities) was birthed from should take the backseat of its rise. I think there should be some internal talks with the crew that runs that, and that, in some way, we should involve eachother more than we already do. I think, in the grand scheme of things, a beneficiary relationship between the two would work out on both ends. I think the second point I have to bring up here regarding things... more or less, is in regards to the way things are run. Believe me when I say, to every single Moderator and Admin that stands here still with us, I respect all of you. I respect that, as it stands, you guys do a fantastic job. Though, I don't know that everyone does it in the best manner. I don't think that every Moderator sees their work equal and just, or handles their work well, and in a conducive manner. Notwithstanding the fact that, if I'm being honest, I don't really even know how many of you are still around these parts. The most I see anymore around here is @Lenne, and @InfestLithium, the two of whom, I trust the most, and the two I believe will hear me out on these points as I say them. I mean, honestly. People throw suggestions up all the time - hell, I've done it over the past few months and have had good answers from them. But I've seen a number run down that pipeline and not get the same treatment. Like Zombiefication ranks, which, truly, I'm glad to see as different and updated to represent a form akin to referencing the Black Ops III format... and yet, I go to look at the Zombiefication page, and these changes, these new ranks, they aren't there. How's someone supposed to know how they got their rank if the pictures don't represent them right? I know that's someone's job to do, I know it's someone's job to do upkeep on those pages, so... as a regular member, I feel it a disservice to not understand why these things aren't tweaked, or already dealt with. Notwithstanding, with this fact, the concern over the number of people still around to treat these things and correct them. Like... I know certain auth aren't able to come around anymore, as is. I know @Hells Warrrior is more or less his own body of sorts when it comes to activity... as are most admins, if I've come to understand it. But where are the mods? I'm not sure I understand where @GRILL, @DeathBringerZen, or even the likes of @Slade have gone. I know people have lives, I know they have higher priorities, but I don't get the idea of having a Staff team where 80% aren't around anymore. Is it that "the Old Guard's the Good Guard"? I don't understand it anymore. I was complacent about it, but the lack of activity and the general rut in which I've seen has simply become too much for me not to question it. As good as you all are, I find it appropriate to figure out the matter, and those overall with them. The final thing I can think of that I find issue with is... likely, the one thing that I see as a more personal issue than anything else. That being, keeping the Zombie Labs/Stories sections barred from adding post numbers to the people using them. I won't be the first to admit that I didn't like the idea when it was introduced, and... as much as I've grown to accept it, I still don't like it. There are aspects I find lie into actually creating posts there, and I agree that there are issues with how it's been used in the past. Yes, I do understand that a single person posting thirty posts in Zombie Labs in a short time is bad, but, truthfully, it's something like that that we need to ask ourselves what we distinguish in there. There's a difference between "Zombies Ideas" and "Map Concepts", really. Some posts are more just rambling dialogue, and maybe those deserve to be thrown in a separate subforum as their own sort of ideas. But larger, expansive ideas, those that grow to be concepts of their own... something like The Unity Series, for example (my map concept series), those should perhaps be set aside to a different subforum, specifically for map concepts like them. It wouldn't be to set a bar, it wouldn't be to schism the whole of what makes that area of the forums what it is, but it would make the flow more conducive. Concepts and stories, I believe, deserve to be given their numbers for posts back, while smaller and generalized ideas should be kept barred. If that makes sense. ...in other words, I believe there's a better way to run that area, and that's what I believe we could do to assess it. ...with all of that in mind, however, I think I want to end this post. I know, there was a lot said, and I know that, truly, not all of it was good. I don't really want to make myself "Public Enemy #1" here, and I'd feel bad if that were the case I made for myself. I truly care for this forum, and its betterment from this moment to the next, enough so that I'd put myself on the line with a post like this. I hope you guys - the auth included - will understand that, as you guys read this. I know that not everything can be done, as I know that not everything is perfectly capable, but I do want to see that something can be done as we move forward into the Black Ops IV season. As much as I love me a game of Zombies Hangman with just me and Lenne... I think it's time we garner a crowd again. I truly do. Hopefully, you guys will see that and stand with me on that shore. With that said. As always, more than ever... ...per aspera ad astra. -The Meh
  4. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    This is the type of stuff I’ve wanted to see happen, and I’m immensely proud that we’re actually actively looking for (and pursuing) all these things. (should probably add, welcome to CoDz) (I know this isn’t a sizable comment but still)
  5. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    A T is good. Updated.
  6. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  7. Happy 115 Day, guys!

  8. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  9. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Some good guesses so far. Updated.
  10. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

  11. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    ~Zombies Hangman~  Test your might! _ O _ U M / _ _ _ O T U M  Incorrect Guesses (5/6) : S, E, R, B, P  Hint #1: They can hide no longer! Hint #2: They were never granted clemency... Scoreboard: Reigning Champ: Lenne - 246 2nd: Slade - 238 3rd: way2good - 201 Electric Jesus - 150 Nightmare Voyager (ripperino) - 134  The Meh - 118 ETEl2NAL407 - 100 Tasha the noob - 93 Delta - 68 Naitrax - 58 Rissole25 - 48 MurderMachineX - 46 Undead - 44 Chopper - 34 Cheesegrater28 - 32 Tac - 30 PortlyLlama80 - 22 Reddonkeyham - 20 Requix Eclipse - 18 Jake Duck - 16 wesleykg00 - 16 Silv3r Energy - 16 Anonymous - 14 83457 - 12 zombieman9 - 10 XAvengedLullabyX - 10 OverWater17 - 10 RaidDzn - 10 PINNAZ - 8 nayrc - 6 jiipee95 - 6 unlawfully inacurate - 4 Ooka - 2 RiftRunner001 - 2 ZombieDreamerDan - 2 CrubZee - 2 BriggzyJ97 - 2 TheNathanNS - 2 Mr Swifty - 2 RZArazorSHARP20 - 2 Señor Festo Lithium - 2 JJMFP - 1   Rules:  Guess the word/phrase correctlywithout any letters = 10 points Guess the word/phrase correctly = 2 points Stump the field (6 incorrect guesses) = 6 points One incorrect letter = 1 incorrect guess One incorrect word(s) = 2 incorrect guesses You may only guess up to 2 consonants or 1 vowel at a time Host adds hint after 4 incorrect guesses Numbers must be spelled out  After 6 wrong guesses the person who didmake the last guess gets the board  If after two weeks, the person who is meant to be posting a board doesn't, another person isallowed to take their board and continue the game.
  12. The Meh

    You're Banned!

    Banned for hanging so many men! (this might be edgy, my bad. been watching too much Hellsing Abridged lately)
  13. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    If anything, I would definitely like to help assist that in whatever way I can. I’d certainly like to see some Weapon Guides pop up if possible (I could help script stuff for it if you would like). Other sort of things we can bring to the table, like theories and news and stuff wouldn’t be too bad, either. Hell, revisiting old Asylum posts sounds fun already! Just trying to spin those cogs, though.
  14. Hey, guys. Meh here. It's been a while. I've been out for a couple of weeks or months now, and... I felt I should explain that a bit, really. To make one story short: For those that are newer to the site, I've been around since maybe 2014 on CoDz, and I've been in the CoD community in general for as long as I can remember. Ironically speaking, I've seen PTG rise and fall somewhere inbetween that, but... let's not talk about that. Most of what I do around the site has been a bit of a balancing act between playing and criticizing the Zombies mode, and actually creatively writing maps based on that mode itself. As much as I'd love to toot my own horn... again, not the place for it. If you want to read that stuff, check out Zombie Labs, I suppose. Recently, I've gained the role of Dweller, and I do want to try to upkeep that role as best I can while I still have the chance. A bit unfortunate in regards, though, was the release of Black Ops 4, and... yeah, it was a bit chaotic - the past few months hearing about this game have been as well. My PC ended up not performing all too well, and I've been out of the loop here due to that. I'm only just now coming back after dealing with that. I... know that this all sounds a bit like I'm shrugging a lot of it off, but if I'm being honest, nothing big or significant really happened since I was out... other than Black Ops 4. Most of the reason I was out was due to my ineptitude to keep my PC up to a decent speed and in working fashion. But, hey, I'm back now. I'm glad to be. So... yeah. I've written too many of these introductions, I'm very aware of that. This is as awkward for me as it is for you. In any case, though... per aspera ad astra. -The Meh
  15. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    Goddamn you are such a poet. The soccerteam part was weird, but I got what you meant the rest of the way.
  16. The Meh

    Airing Grievances.

    I know this is a months-old post, and... believe me, I'm sorry for reviving it out of the blue, but I've been trying to formulate a good response to this reply for some time now (and my laptop nearly breaking apart by the seams doesn't quite help that). So... yeah. I'm just kind of going to say what I will here, I suppose. Sorry that this took so long. I've probably met some of the best people I know here. Voyager, chiefly, but... a lot of you guys as well. @Lenne, @InfestLithium , @anonymous and @RequixEclipse are four I can think of in particular that I think have helped me along my path both outside this site and inside it. The wisdom I've gained being a part of this community is surprising and I'm just glad I could have it. (In regards to actually meeting people and all, I'd love to do the same... although I suppose being at a good place in my life would definitely help that.) Seeing this community change, or... rather, seeing this forum change for it, is a logical step forward, and I completely agree with doing that. Personally, all I want of it is to see this community become more involved, interwoven and the like. I want to know I can log on and start a dialogue I know will grow past me. If that means we need to change the current formula to adapt to such a sight, I'd like that. If it keeps the heart and philosophy of CoDz in mind, I'd like that even more. I guess part of my statement here is me saying that... well, maybe we need more than a forum to support all this. (That's a grandiose thing to say, but... still.) Like, supplemental materials. A working YT channel with deep-dive weapon guides and story theories, be it through one game's story or the main Zombies story. A much more elaborate and sorted Zombies Library and Wiki, perhaps (although, for the sake of it, I do believe the Zombies Library is very well put together the way it is too)? Podcast der Toten, migrated to Twitch with a slightly updated crew to run it (and guests every now and again)? Charity streams and/or tournaments every now and again? I'm just spewing the ideas here, but... you get the idea. Moreover... yeah, a lot of us should take on those mantles and help that. If I'm being honest, I've seen you do tons of work for this forum, Hells, and it's a humbling thing to know how well it's been managed all this time. So... I'm sure it would be good if others took it on in stead as well. That's just my thoughts, though. I hope some of this made good sense. ...also, if this is me just sort of spouting off the same stuff I've done before, I'm sorry for that too. Could be me getting one-track minded on all this.
  17. The Meh

    Favorite BO4 Zombies Song So Far

    Is "Mad Hatter" cheating?
  18. The Meh

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    It's "Downfall", right?
  19. I'm only just getting back to see this post, so... I figured it best I at least attempt to respond. Black Ops 4 Zombies is a pretty big mixed bag for me. On one hand, IX is maybe the perfect difficulty for a map, and it balances that with genuinely engaging gameplay and story elements. Voyage is sometimes fun, as well, but certainly not on the same level. Blood is... Blood... and Classified is okay. I planned a bit of a pre-DLC review anyways, so I'll probably be going into more detail in that... and yes, I know it's way overdue at this point.
  20. *coughs hard*

    Oooh. Wow. Dust in my throat, I think.

  21. Welp, Week #1 of Black Ops 4 has come and gone. What do you guys think?

    Admittedly played a flurry of it myself... I'm enjoying things.

    1. Lenne


      Lovin every single map. 🙂

  22. The Meh

    No Jugg will ruin Black Ops 4 zombies.

    I can't help but feel that this post is brimming with... general pessimism. Which, given, is fine in mediation, but still. Zombies in Black Ops 4 is going to be different compared to anything we've ever had before,, there's no question. People like a system that works, and I think that this one will still find a way to be worth having. Nostalgia's a fickle thing, and Juggernog being cast aside sucks... but it's not going to singlehandedly ruin the mode. There'd have to be a multitude of issues that would make the general mode bad, and... frankly, WWII Zombies had plenty enough to be concerning and a bit shit. That said, it still presented new ideas, ideas enough that could be integrated into something entirely new on its own. I have faith Treyarch knows what they're doing. Only time will tell what becomes of it. ("Only time will tell what new questions await us, in this... THEATER OF THE DAMNED!")
  23. The Meh

    Trailer Hypuuuuuuuuuuuu

    I screamed.

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