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  1. We know that Classified is Post- Shangri-la and Pre-five, as we see McNamara planning for a meeting. We also have Post-Moon Ultimis trapped in Hangar 4 but that's not related. From the EE cutscene, we know the map is Post-BOTD in terms of events. Here's the interesting part from the timeline: BOTD-Primis no longer travel to Gorod Krovi which means Brock and Gary survive and successfully arrive at Shangri-la where they trap themselves in a time loop, dying over and over again only to help Ultimis Richtofen acquire the Focusing Stone, which was already done as Classified takes place after that. The confusion kicks in when you think about what happened at The Giant. We know that the Kronorium have changed, this should affect both dimensions and this means the first dimensional cycle we were experiencing in BO3 already happened. Which brings up the question, how the heck Ultimis Richtofen is still alive ? The only explanation I can think of is that the Primis crew who showed up at Classified EE cutscene aren't BOTD-Primis crew but they are further into the future in terms of events. We stopped Primis Richtofen from continuing the cycle in BOTD and helped Post-Revelations Richtofen. However, Richtofen-2 aka Pre-ZNS Richtofen is still on the loose, the one who's supposed to travel to Shadows of Evil and grab the Summoning Key and then arrive at The Giant to kill Ultimis Richtofen. I believe BOTD-Primis crew will have something to do with that version of Primis Richtofen in order to make sure Ultimis Richtofen never die and also never see him to make sure the original events go as planned. What do you think ?

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