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  1. I LOVE the fact that they're giving zombies more depth with Create a Class, special weapons, customizable starting weapons, tactical equipement, the armory, etc, but I'm not a fan of how they executed it. These are the things I'd like changed: - The perk system definitely feels inferior, sometimes I don't feel the difference between having and not having a perk. - Health system. Biggest complain from the community and a valid one. In a way it's nice that the game is harder. BO3 was too frikin easy, but having only 150 health feels too vulnerable and not very fun. Sometimes I don't even bother buying perks cause as I said, they don't feel too powerful and I know I might get downed often. I'm not even asking for enough health for 5 hits like we when we had jugg in bo3. If we got enough health for at least 4 hits and nerfed the hellhounds and tigers, the game would instantly become a thousand times more enjoyable. Maybe they could give us 25 extra health for every 2 perks we buy. So 200 health total when having 4 perks. - The point system feels ridiculous. We can only get a max of 130 points per zombie and it feels bad. On past games, getting a max ammo on round 7 and shooting a horde of zombies with your starting pistol felt so satisfying, you'd get 200-300 points per clip. Now you shoot and entire clip at a horde and get 30 points. - Not an actual gameplay complaint but it would be nice if they explained what changes once you level up your specialist weapon. For some of them it's obvious but I'm not sure what happens when you level up Viper & Dragon to level 2 for example. Some changes are definitely welcome though: - You respawn with your weapons - Carpenter fixes your shield - Changes to Max Ammo (gives ammo to downed players and fills your magazine too) - Some past maps like Tranzit feel like they half assed them, but all 4 maps feel like a lot of thought was put into them. Definitely feel the quality in all the maps. - Elixirs feel more fair compared to Gobblegums. The rarest ones are powerful but not broken and OP which is great

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