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  1. can you find someone for me PLZ?highest legit round:34,PS3
  2. I meant can i see them in afterlife after going to the bridge?
  3. Do skulls become visible after going to the bridge or from the beggining? :?:
  4. I need help ASAP!!!!!!! I have been playing MOTD 24/7 since it came out for PS3 and I am not able to get the blue skulls,free blundergat,or the FREAKING HELLS REDEEMER!!!Skulls are like no there even in afterlife , and every time I throw the tomahawk into the pit after doing a round with atleast 30 zombies at the golden gate bridge, it comes back.I don't know what the **** is wrong but i need help ASAP guys!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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