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Posts posted by TheNathanNS

  1. 15 hours ago, Rissole25 said:

    It's kind of funny isn't it. Everyone (not literally everyone) wanted the Campaign team to take over, saying Mob and Origins were so much better than the rest (right in some aspects). They wanted Jimmy out. And now it seems like everyone is denouncing them and this map and want the old Zombies team back.


    I won't lie, it definitely has flaws (don't get me started on the fact you can literally see the edge of the water down by the docks). But I just thought it was something worth pointing out.

    In my honest opinion, I've noticed the campaign team managed to set a great atmosphere and managed to give a decent backstory to the characters.


    In Mob of the Dead, we knew a lot more about the MOTD4 in one map than we ever did about the TranZit 4 in 3 maps.


    Their backstories were simple (criminals, all apart of the same mob, etc) unlike the TranZit 4 who were confusing as hell.


    Broken Arrow ring a bell anyone?


    Hell, even Brutus has more known about him than "The Giant" in Buried.




  2. 1 minute ago, WillyWonka said:

    I've been wondering this too since my first teleport in The Giant. Why is there a zombie Richtofen? I agree the popup is lame as hell and seems lazy, but why exactly him? Zombie Richtofen as a boss in the future maybe?

    Maybe a hint to what'll happen at the end of BO3 zombies maybe?


    Wouldn't be the first time a game I've played has shown the ending at the beginning.....

  3. Evidence for TranZit being in the 60's:


    * The TranZit bus being heard at Round 4 on Nuketown Zombies.


    * If Nuketown is linked, the map we play on is the destroyed version of Nuketown from Black Ops 1, which was set in the 1960's.




    Evidence for TranZit being in 2025:


    * The Driver is way to advanced for 1960's technology.


    * The weapons we use are from the "future" era of the Black Ops 2 campaign, in both Nuketown and TranZit.





  4. If anyone is curious, @Hells Warrrior's channel description is Latin for an evil voodoo ritual which will turn you into nothing but dust instantly if you dare try to shamelessly self-advertise your channel within the forum itself. This means making a topic just to boost your "internet popularity".

    Haha, seriously though, that's a huge problem with every website. |:

  5. I was bored so I'm learning how to import custom objects to GTA V.


    So I did a "rushed" Speed Cola import.





    Yes, it's clipping. But I rushed it.


    Next up: Learn LUA coding to make them fully functional. :P


    After I find some "safe" places that stops clipping issues. If that makes sense.






    E2: Also working a fully functional Wunderwaffe with sounds.


    Model: Yes

    Weapon "strings": Kinda (Does the electric thingy but barely damages target)

    Audio: Kinda



    E3: Nearly done. Just gotta reposition the Wunderwaffe slightly.










  6. I'm probably going to get the digital deluxe editon.


    It seems like a really good deal for £80.


    The base pre-order editon for BO3 is £55 ALONE for Xbox One and the Digital Deluxe edition comes with the game (£55) season pass (£40) and The Giant (probably going to be £5) as well as the soundtrack and some MP camos. (????)



    At least that's what it said on the X1 description.


    I want The Giant and that's it.

  7. Legitimate question, what the hell is this topic about?


    Last "official" post was in 2012 and the sudden revival has been nothing but arguments.






    Ok, here is the legitiate reason for this post which some may have lost in translation.


    Basically, since the days of WaW into BO1 when leaked info was few and far between and the community was smaller this site had a strict no leaks policy. This may or may not have been in place since day One or since Dan went to work for Treyarch but the leaked info that did come out back then was little to none and it was not widely reported on Youtube.


    Fast forward to BO2 and suddenly the community was awash with leaked info, images or footage and this type of stuff was obviously not something the site wanted to be asscociated with so the policy was still in place and rightly so. Youtube coverage on such stuff was mainly by smaller, more unknown channels but suddenly there was a boom in the scene and the community gave these unknown channels high views and large sub counts, even when a lot of this info proved to be complete fabrication.


    Now with BO3 we see actual affiliates of ATVI like CharlieINTEL, and others like Liam, Milo and others actually making videos on early, or "leaked" information, images and even footage without reprimand and it has become obvious to the staff that ATVI are actually orchestrating a lot of this stuff intentionally to get the hype up. They are actually, for the most part encouraging this. This site is not the site it was back then because the community is not the same community anymore either. Think about it... these leaks happen to drop a few days before offically getting unveiled. It's no coincidence.


    So, in conclusion, the aim of our relaxed approached on leaks is this. If CharlieINTEL, Liam, Milo etc are talking about it then so are we. If a random, usually first post user makes a post showing released videos or images pertaining to be actual genuine leaks then we will not allow it as we still agree with the whole NDA thing. We are only allowing discussion on things that other affiliates or bigger channels are allowing because we are foolish not to.



    Well, if it was shown to an audience, then it's technically public.


    I see nothing wrong with "leaking" something that has already been shown to people, who probably posted about it on Facebook/Twitter.


    It'd be different if it was those DLC leaks. Y'know the ones with an obviously photoshopped zombie in the some poorly photoshopped place.

  8. Holy Fricken @Shooter! Brains to see you post again mate.


    I think BOIII Zombies has been planned since the end of Black Ops & could even have hints of the upcoming map/s in Tranzit. 


    I.E. - The Power Pole at the Bus Depot has what appears to be Pakistani/Afgani images & what we know is Urdu writing. 


    I now think that was not just reused textures from the campaign but a hint that the Middle east is somehow connected. ~ Babylon.....?

    Well, remember in Buried's cutscene it did show the N4 going through what looked like Pakistan.


  9. I have not seen anyone point this out.

    Remember in Black Ops 1 & 2 where some of the loading screens had "previews" of the next map's loading screen?

    For example, Call of the Dead's loading screen had a small bit of Ascension's loading screen on the top left corner and a bit of Shangri La's on the right and another example being Die Rise and Buried (to an extent).

    Anyway back to my point, on the Buried loading screen, there appears to be blueprints on the top right corner and what map do we know that has blueprints for a loading screen?

    Der Riese. AKA The Giant. (As Der Riese is German for The Giant for those who didn't know)

    Origins' loading screen was not a "continuation" of the "comic book" screens we know. (From say Kino -> Buried)

    Which, if I'm guessing correctly, then it could mean The Giant has been planned since 2013.

    So this was something I realised. Apologies if someone has pointed it out before.

    So what do you think?

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