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  1. With that being said I'd also like to take time to thank everyone involved with the website and everyone who has made a contribution.this is easily the best cod zombie website out there with the best group of members. this site has helped me out tremendously and has made my zombies experiences some of the best gaming moments 'in my career'if you will lol. Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the new map tomorrow with you guys, Thank f*ck (pardon my french) the site is back up, props to those who have been working hard on it.
  2. I'm online right now if you want to give it a shot. GT is GodfatherSimons
  3. As much as I love playing on a good team and communicating to get EE's done, it's become a real pain in the ass to find a full team at convenient times. I miss out on tons of zombie gaming cause of this and I'd much prefer some sort of solo story mode where I can do all the achievements myself rather than relying and waiting on other ppl. I love zombies but I don't have much interest in the straight solo survival anymore, they've created an amazing storyline and I'd like to be able to play it at will, no offense to any good teammates I've previously played with, you guys have been awesome, just a big gripe I have with treyarch. Just like I couldn't get any players to do the full bo1 EE's,it's looking like bo2 won't get completed either. Give me solo zombie campaign.
  4. I would like to get in on this. I've got richtofen's side done on tranzit but that's it so far, haven't been able to get a solid team together for die rise. willing to do whatever it takes to get these EE's before the new map is released. My GT is GodfatherSimons
  5. Hey man add me on Xbox, GT is GodfatherSimons
  6. Big time zombies enthusiast, such a huge fan of this massive storyline 3arch has conjured up. I'm 26 from Ontario Canada, just really started digging into the storyline about a year ago and have been completely hooked ever since. I haven't had much of a chance to do the Easter eggs since most of my good friends are too busy or not interested enough to sink some 'quality time' into the EE's. so that brings me to these forums, I've been lurking for a while now reading everyone's incredible theories and figured I should try and get some new teammates who are just as passionate about zombies as I am. I play nightly, usually around 8pm est and on the weekends, any help would be greatly appreciated with getting the Easter eggs, any zombie killers out there looking for a new teammate, I'm your guy, pure team player, serious and mature but still like to have fun with it, it is just a game after all. I'm looking forward to meeting some cool ppl on these forums and helping with everyone's theories.
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