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  1. send friend request to Highland Kodiak nuff said
  2. Kod1ak

    A quick theory

    o_O... Gonna explore, kthxbye Nah, but seriously, all/any of them I guess. Also, anyone tried standing on the symbols and seein if it gives them a perfect line of sight to something significant?
  3. Kod1ak

    A quick theory

    Anyone gonna address the out of place hole in the wall?
  4. Kod1ak

    A quick theory

    That was what Eddy assumed, the teleporter worked and they were sent to Griffon Station, Samantha ran and hid in the MPD. Schuester (I think) found Maxis and tried to have him talk his daughter down, but he instead told her to kill off Group 935, causing Schuester to shoot him... Right in front of the MPD
  5. Kod1ak

    A quick theory

    In the room with the chinese bar/restaurant downstairs from the SVU, there is a hole that seems like the perfect spot to aim a sniper through and hit something important. Might have something to do with the EE. Oh, and another little thought I've been playing around with: I think the aether is specifically for souls within the MPD. Richtofen of course is inside, so that would explain him. But Maxis... Remember how in moon, zombies killed near the MPD had their.souls absorbed into the tubes attached? Well, Maxis was killed right in front of the MPD...
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