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  1. And now that we having a new map Die Rize, we have to decide... Do we wanna adventure on the map not knowing wheres Jug, where to train/camp,(that's how i like it!) or Should we wait for someone else do the dirty job and educate us how the new mechanics and strategy's work? ... the first one will affect negatively our k/d and this rank system has affect negatively how we enjoy playing zombies, and the attitude how we approach the game play itself. You won't get a lot of downs if you pay attention and play smart, its a simple set of mind. Sure you still have to be a team player, just make sure your smart about your surroundings and you'll be able to explore without deranking. Hell, i did both Tower of Babbles and maybe got downed 4 times, just gotta stay focused man. 8-)
  2. Chopper you seem like you know whats up, add me if you want, ShugarTitt
  3. I didn't take anything seriously, just when people take words out of your mouth and accuse you of expoiting the game it tends to get annoying, and for the statement about playing with people who have shotguns, you can;t accuse everyone with the max rank of being a K/D whore, i play the game like its supposed to be played, when i play grief i am the one with the most revives (Mostly), the fact that people accuse someone of being selfish or a cheater/hacker/exploiter when they have max rank, is just stupid and highlights jealousy tremendously. I would like to know how you get to round 40 in less than 90 minutes though :shock:
  4. Grinding as in working hard to get them, grinding in my books means trying your hardest, (Grinders in hockey for ex.) I didn't say anything of me doing anything out of he ordinary zombies. Notice how i got my rank after a round 36 run? Oh yeah sorry i guess thats considered playing out of the ordinary, you tried to take words out of my mouth by saying i got my rank by playing the game a certain way, i played i just like you, for fun, but while playing it for fun i managed to get my goal.
  5. Sorry dude this is not aimed at you, but this is how they are ruining zombies. Only ruins the game for the people who care enough about an emblem to grind out a fake k/d and make the game not fun for themselves. The funniest part is, what happens after they get shotties? Well they can't start playing normally now, they'll get demoted. Nope more grinding, to keep their k/d up. Personally, I couldn't care less, I play the game how I would normally play and most importantly I have fun. Skull w/ dagger is where I'm at and where I shall stay (unless I go down ) and I'm fine with that. This game is awesome, and I'm not going to ruin it for something as artificial as an emblem by my name. What are you trying to say i/m bad at the game or something? Me going for the rank was a challenge, like most gamers want...Don't try and say my K/D is fake when i play strictly online and have never cheated/hacked/glitched etc... Don't make a post so dumb kid trying to say our K/D's are fake, maybe we can actually go into an online game with randoms and still do good? Your a goof
  6. After a tedious month of grinding for my Shotgun rank, i FINALLY got them today after a Round 36 run playing doubles on Town. Note my previous rounds completed on Town Doubles was only 23, so rounds survived could have played a very important factor. My stats during the game were 1706 kills, 7 downs, (242 K/D) and 5 revives. My all-time stats after ranking up are the following: Kills: 37298 Bullets Fired: 85570 Downs: 165 (226 Kill/Down Ratio) Revives: 288 Grenade Kills: 462 Headshots: 6194 Deaths: 107 Gibs: 34235 Perks: 422 Doors: 231 Accuracy: 1.16 Miles Traveled: 346 Also my Win/Loss ratios in Grief are BOTH POSITIVE. I hope this helps you guys with your road to Shotguns because i know mine was ridiculous and frustrating. Add me on Xbox Live for high rounds, GT: ShugrrTits :twisted:
  7. The rank is mainly based on K/D, nothing else. This guy got shotguns with 30k+ shy and only played 5 games in total online, never getting to that high of rounds and also didnt get to any high rounds on solo.
  8. Kills: 12390 Downs: 56 Revives: 132 Highest Round Solo: 29 Highest Round Co-op: 32 Rank/Emblem: Skull only w/ Blue Eyes Anyone else with the same K/D as me and rounds but no Knife or Shotguns?? My theory is starting to become rounds survived but still including K/D, from my experience the only Knifes i have seen are past round 40, can any Skulls with knifes confirm that you do not need round 40? If anyone has any info to help me out why im not ranking up please add me and we can talk over and even play some high rounds, my GT is my Username.
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