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  1. "La isla de los alcatraces" named by Juan Manuel de Ayala in 1775, the name for the prison was derived from the very name first given to the isle, alcatraces or sea eagle, dubbed this name for the plintiful amounts of the bird that resides there. There's already a topic about the creature that we see in the trailer that's hovering from a flaming portal type background I thought it might be cool if that thing is in fact one of these birds, or if they add. More species of animals! That's my 2 cents
  2. I did do richtofens side, I just felt like there should be more to it, and the possible chance that it is set up on a lottery winning combination of getting 1 of 70 different ways you could EMP the lights might actually trigger something new or activating a "next" step, I know about the maxis quote and used that as sort of a basis for how toEMP the lights, nothing is really said but we stilll have the beams shooting from the 4 light posts that we EMP'd, whole point of my topic is just a "what if" kind of situation! Just food for thought really.
  3. Sorry if that seemed botched up, at work right now, if you put the numbers like this 1234 1235 1236 1237 1238 1245 1246 1247 1248 So on and so forth never having the same numbers in any combination whereof then end result is 70 different combinations that it could possibly be to correctly get them in the right order for the rest of the egg to continue on. What do you guys think, might this be the case?
  4. Did the easter egg a few nights ago with some buddies and came to the lack luster achievement of completing the easter egg with the trophy popping up and not much else other than some beams that shot from the light posts to the pylon. We didn't put much thought into what light posts we EMP'd we just made teleporters on all of them, threw our EMP down jump and throw it down again making it to where no matter what we would hit 4 light posts with the EMP... Got me thinking that we did it right yet wrong at the same time, I wrote down all the combinations of what lights it could be using numbers 1-8 not repeating any number (eg: 1,2,3,4 and 2,1,3,4) was not written down as that's the same combination. I came to 70 different combinations that it could possibly be, could that maybe be why we can't get the nav table to read our cards? Sorry if this has been topic'd about already! Cheers Y'all
  5. Why would I have jumped so dramatically then? I do play everyday, so I can understand the five tallys but how did it skip 2 ranks and add two addition tallys for me?
  6. Had a rather shatty game last night, started the game with a regular skull 3 tallys , in game I got 5 downs and only 487 kills no revives. At the end of the game I jumped up to skull and knife with blue eyes 5 tallys... not complaining, bu it doesn't make since to me now ...
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