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  1. So I was repeatedly shooting the bus driver with my M1911 and suddenly sparks came out of the bus driver has this hAppend to any one else? And I'd be more than happy to show you on theatre my Xbox live is my forum name :)

  2. I was near the laundry room and I heard Nikolai say something I checked the game files and there voices are no where to be found I have it saved in theatre mode I can upload it to YouTube

    Btw I have not completed the tower of babble yet all I have is a nav card

    The exact quote was by Nikolai saying you know I was on fire once it was no fun.

  3. Firstly they're is a big power box and you can destroy it by throwing grenades at it and there are wires connected to the power box which keep spewing electric out of them also you can damage the fallout shelter with grenades it gets all cracked and they're are two small power boxes on each house which wires connect to and also at the start of a game you can hear Samantha laughing in an innocent way sorry for the grammar I'm on my iPhone

  4. Just experimented with the Jet Gun.

    Flying is of very short distance; technically, it's more of hovering than per say a jet pack. By the time you hit the critical mark, you've only gone about a few feet (from the Bar in Town, I managed to reach a little into the lava pool in the center). Getting onto a barricaded building (like the bowling alley) is not going to happen.

    It does not suck in fog. When you attempt it, it really does look like it's being trapped inside the engine. But once the air effects disappear, the fog will still remain untouched.

    Standing (and jumping) on a Denizen teleporter yields nothing. Even while transporting [using the Jet Gun as you jump into it), nothing special occurs.

    Jet Gun + Bus Driver = No bueno. He takes it as you attempting to assault him. Strange, since all it's really doing is sucking you in. Hell - even the notepad underneath him won't get into the belly of that Jet Gun.

    I have a feeling that the gun should be used for the floating orbs around the streetlights, but this has been debunked quite a few times. At one point, I shot the streetlight (with the supposed orb around it) and it actually cut off the blinking lights. But after several attempts, I realized I was unintentionally using the gun when the Morse code would take a break between phrases. Maybe I'm stupid for thinking that sucking in an orb with a vacuum-like gun would present something interesting. Then again, anything goes in Zombies.

    Edit: Has nothing to do with a church, or Jet Gun; however, I did find this:

    There is also a consistent blue flashing light in that room

    Just thought this was a very interesting sight. I know it's simply one of those Richtofen things like the "NOW DIE" at the Diner, but this one seems more...relevant to examine than the others? Haha, I'm losing my mind.

  5. I Was Playing Tranzit With A Bunch Of Randoms We Were All In The Farm Area I Was Upstairs In The Creepy House Someone Got Down :roll: But Then I Heard An Alarm Ringing Similar To The Sound In No Mans Land Does Anyone Have Any Idea What It was??? Thanks btw First Post Ftw :D

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