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  1. Wassup ppls this is that badazz zombie killa Sam best known by King_Sam420 [PSN name] and just wanted to introduce and say a few things in this epic intro lol First off i had no idea about this site until my gud friend/zombie partner told me about this, he goes by jay-f2008. i met him thru find match randomly and noticed as we played that he could hang with me! im not too big on the solo zombies, im more of a team player,[mvp] playing with randoms, its just more fun to me and you never know what your getting into especially when you got noobs on your side. [but since now that BO2 saves solo leaderboards i might give solo a try.] Through out all my zombies days i still to this day have not found a pro zombie partner that plays alot like me and that is willing to put in the hard work and effort to reaching insane rounds co op, jay is older than me and actually has a life meaning wife and kids etc. so its always hard to link up. but n e ways my point for this intro is if any1 out there whos a legit zombie killin beast that want som1 to team up for somthin insane, that wont give up and quit, play hard to the end then DEF hit me up or if you jus wanna play for fun, do challenges and still dominate jus shoot me an invite nd i will join! Well thats really all i got 2 say for now, my skills do more of the talking! :twisted: peace!
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