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  1. Here's my vid for the competition! http://youtu.be/PEzWuFr0e40
  2. oh ok.. well 2moro i'l hav my final part uploaded, jus let me kno wen to post it on here after.
  3. iwill compete, as long as more ppl compete 2.. if only like a few ppl are competeing den deres no point for me to post my vid reelly..
  4. Perhaps all three, Samantha Maxis, and there is nothing wrong with it. On the forum many times by almost anyone, we have discussed our fortunes (or lack of) with randoms. King Sam was merely sharing his experiences with noobs with his forum mates. How about we treat the new guys with some encouragements for positivity instead of sarcasm and discouragement? How about we disapprove his actions by showing him the better way to approach randoms? Real leaders lead with example and positivity, haters stir the chaos further in hopes of armageddon. lolthas wat im sayin. bu
  5. If you want to post videos you should post them here: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=12 ok thanks. from now on you wont see me post a youtube on this section agen lol
  6. lol idk were to post this type of stuff i just put it in the general zombies. nd so wat exactly shud i post then? lol even if i was trying to promote my youtube ithought since its ZOMBiE RELATED it was ok isee ppl post irrelavent things to zombies and get a shyt ton replies so im confused
  7. lol idk were to post this type of stuff i just put it in the general zombies. nd so wat exactly shud i post then? lol
  8. Normaly ppl cant stand to play with noobs on thier team especially the real bad ones.. it seems i always get the noobs and no descent players heres quick highlights of my grief game last night dlH2d0AoR-o
  9. jus one more round higher than the wr maybe more.
  10. The record is 65. So thus, probably 66. an update like a second run? no doubt, iwill but if sum shyt like that happens agen then idnt kno if i hav the patience to keep on trying yu know
  11. Monday i was making a solo run for the world record on survival town ps3 climbed up to round 50. At that point i got tired and left it on nd went to sleep. The next morning i turned on my tv and my screen is at the dam main menu!! Top it all off it ddnt even save my round 50 nor did it save all my kills and headshots etc.. I am 100% confident that i wud've obtain the w.r had that not happen, i had a safe easy trainin strat. and everything was going smooth. Here is my vid of proof round 50 and the vid of the screen i saw when i turned on my tv the next day. PhZoE9wjO4I ajnXf2_yP-M
  12. Wassup ppls this is that badazz zombie killa Sam best known by King_Sam420 [PSN name] and just wanted to introduce and say a few things in this epic intro lol First off i had no idea about this site until my gud friend/zombie partner told me about this, he goes by jay-f2008. i met him thru find match randomly and noticed as we played that he could hang with me! im not too big on the solo zombies, im more of a team player,[mvp] playing with randoms, its just more fun to me and you never know what your getting into especially when you got noobs on your side. [but since now that BO2 saves solo le
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