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  1. There are two parts on the stage where I keep getting trapped. One is the boxes behind the teleporter, I'll either run into a zombie which completely blocks my path, or fail to jump over one of the nova crawlers. I've tried cutting back, but I then emerge on the other side of the stage to a disorganised mess of zombies. The other place I get trapped is when I try the figure of 8 on the stage shown in superhands' guide, some zombies either run across the stage, or new zombies spawn and block the opposite side stairs, trapping my in a corner. The only solution I have found to this is to use the thundergun, but I can't always get that. Any advice would be really helpful Thank You
  2. I've played the moon map on split screen, but when I try and play it solo, I see the loading screen for a while, then the logo stops spinning, then nothing, I can't play that map. On all maps the game randomly hangs from anywhere from 1/4 second to an entire second, this has cost me the game a few times since I will suddenly find myself pointing in a random direction and I quickly get trapped. Is this a problem with the xbox, the disc, or the download? What can I do to resolve these problems?
  3. Got up to 21, ran into a zombie which I didn't see (damn colour blindness!) That's the highest I've got on any map (Yes I'm very new to this haha) I know which mistakes to look out for, I tend to move backwards while shooting, but I end up moving past the doorway to the next room and trapping myself :\ There's also a little bit of wall when you first walk into the stg room from the mp40 room which can get you trapped. I'll give it another go tomorrow, I'll aim for round 30 Cheers! -Sam
  4. I did a lot better this time! I got up to round 13, but I made 2 big mistakes: -I got snagged on a bit of debris in the corner of the thompson room and went down -Then I electrocuted myself with the trap I started the full map train on round 7 after getting all the perks and didn't run into have any problems (apart from those caused by stupidity). With double tap I could quickly clear zombies which had spawned in front of me. When would you recommend getting a box weapon, and when should I start using the traps? Thank You -Sam
  5. Thank you very much for taking the time to make those videos! I noticed that I was doing so many things wrong that I'll have to watch them again so I can remember them all. The only thing I was unclear on was when you said if I started to get overrun, to stand somewhere and wait for the Betty's to go off, but because of the delay in the commentary I wasn't sure exactly where the spot was. Cheers :)
  6. Thank you for the advice I try to stay in one room as long as possible, but since I have to reload the thompson every 2 seconds, I quickly get overrun, run out of ammo, and have to unlock all the doors to the power room so I can use the box or buy the STG. What's the strategy for surviving in the thompson or STG room? Just run around the pillar/doorway? Cheers :)
  7. I've just got the classic maps for black ops, and I've watched Superhands video on how to run a full map train, but I just can't get up to the levels where the zombies stop spawning in front of you. If I start in the quick revive room, I end up having to run anti-clockwise around the map, and if I wait by the STG, I just get swarmed by a ton of zombies coming in the **** please report this topic, post ****, or get trapped going down the stairs. I normally die on round 7, a few times I've managed to get up to round 11, but I'm obviously doing something wrong. How should I handle the earlier rounds? I normally try and unlock the power room asap, then open up the whole map so I don't get trapped, but I always get spawns in front of me Any help would be really appreciated :)

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